How to become a Jackaroo

Jackaroos (male workers) and jillaroos (female workers) undertake a range of activities on cattle and sheep stations.

Personal requirements of a Jackaroo

  • enjoy working outdoors
  • able to deal confidently with people
  • good communication and organisation skills
  • able to make accurate observations
  • mechanical aptitude
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job, undertaking manual and often heavy work
  • able to endure isolation and limited social contact
  • interested in animals and their welfare
  • able to handle animals with confidence and patience.

Duties & Tasks of a Jackaroo

Jackaroos and jillaroos: • care for livestock and treat minor injuries and illness • muster on horseback or motorbike • maintain station equipment and inspect, repair or replace fences, gates and yards • use and maintain vehicles and heavy machinery • undertake farming work such as cultivation and haymaking • assist with light household duties • undertake clerical and administrative tasks.

Working conditions for a Jackaroo

Jackaroos and jillaroos spend most of their time working outdoors. They may live in shared accommodation on the property or occasionally in the house of the owner or manager.

Avg. weekly wage:


Future growth:


Employment by state:

ACT ACT 0.6%

NSW NSW 25.1%

NT NT 0.6%

QLD QLD 17.3%

SA SA 5.9%

TAS TAS 2.7%


WA WA 11.7%

Hours worked:



Higher unemployment

Gender split:

Male 61.5%

Female 38.5%

Education level:

Not completed Year 10: 20.9%

Not completed Year 12: 25.9%

Highest qualification is secondary school: 14.4%

Highest qualification is a Certificate 3 or 4: 21.6%

Highest qualification is a Diploma or Advanced Diploma: 6.6%

Highest qualification is a Bachelor degree: 10.6%

Age brackets:

15-19 - 14.1%

20-24 - 12.7%

25-34 - 25.9%

35-44 - 12.8%

45-54 - 16.4%

55-59 - 5.8%

60-64 - 5.3%

65 and Over - 7%

*The data above is sourced from the Department of Employment’s Job Outlook website.

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