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Environmental engineers are concerned with assessing and managing the effects of human and other activity on the natural and built environment. They apply their engineering knowledge and skills to such things as environmental impact assessment, natural resources management and pollution control.

Exhaust fitters and repairers remove and replace defective exhaust systems or parts of vehicles.

Foundry workers assist tradespeople and semi-skilled workers to cast metal into shapes that are used as parts for machinery, motor vehicles, railway engines, stove parts and wheels.

Heavy vehicle motor mechanics repair, maintain and test heavy vehicles, other engines and related mechanical components.

Instrument fitters assemble and install precise instruments that measure, indicate, transmit, record and control. Instrument fitters may specialise as camera repairers, scale adjusters or surgical instrument makers. Experienced instrument fitters may work with scientists to design, manufacture or modify laboratory equipment.

Instrumentation tradespersons install, modify, maintain and repair instrumentation used in measurement and control systems. These instruments measure and control temperature, pressure and flow in processes used in industries such as petro-chemical, mining, food and manufacturing.

Lift mechanics assemble, install, adjust, maintain and repair electric and hydraulic freight and passenger lifts and escalators. An experienced lift mechanic is able to perform more complex work functions and tasks, such as adjusting and tuning lifts to make sure they work safely and efficiently.

Light engine mechanics test, service and repair small engines and parts in boats and other small engine-powered equipment such as chainsaws, brush-cutters, lawnmowers, pumps and stationary engines.

Locksmiths install, sell, test and maintain locks and related security devices and systems.

Manufacturers plan, organise and manage the operations of small establishments that manufacture goods.

Mechanical engineering technicians carry out technical support functions as part of mechanical engineering research, design, manufacture, operations and maintenance. They may work under the direction of mechanical engineers, technologists and associates in all stages of planning, design, maintenance and production.

Mechanical engineering technologists design, inspect, manage and test technologies, systems and procedures in mining, manufacturing or processing industry plants.

Mechatronic engineers design and maintain machinery with electronic and computer control systems, such as aircraft, robots, motor vehicles, cameras, power generators and mining and chemical plant machinery.

Metal press operators use automatic or semi-automatic machines or machine tools to shape and form metal products or parts.

Metal trades assistants assist metal engineering tradespeople by performing routine tasks.

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