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Vehicle body builders manufacture purpose-built bodies to fit chassis produced by other manufacturers. They also modify and repair vehicle bodies. They may work on buses, coaches, caravans, armoured vans, tray and van bodies, mobile workshops, semi-trailers, refrigerated vans, horse floats, fire trucks and special police vehicles.

Vehicle painters prepare surfaces of vehicles, match and mix colours, and apply primer and finishing coats of paint.

Vehicle servicepersons diagnose, service and repair a range of mechanical and related vehicle components.

Vehicle trimmers make, install, repair, replace or modify the seats, upholstery, roof and door linings, interior trim and floor coverings of a vehicle. They work on cars, trucks, vintage vehicles, buses, caravans, trains, aircraft and boats.

Vending machine servicers maintain, repair and replenish machines that dispense goods such as drinks, confectionery and tickets.

Windscreen fitters repair and replace windscreens and side and rear glass in motor vehicles.

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