How to become a Metal Press Operator

Metal press operators use automatic or semi-automatic machines or machine tools to shape and form metal products or parts.

Personal requirements of a Metal Press Operator

  • Enjoy practical work and technical activities
  • good hand-eye and, in some cases, foot-eye coordination
  • able to work quickly and efficiently
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to read and follow instructions
  • safety-conscious
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job.

Duties & Tasks of a Metal Press Operator

Metal press operators may perform the following tasks:

  • operate machines that may be mechanically or computer-driven
  • manually load the unformed or partly formed parts into the machine press
  • operate machines or manually place sheetmetal against guide pins to ensure it is accurately pressed
  • look after machines or machine tools that shape or form metal by pressing and stamping
  • check machine operation and report faults to a supervisor
  • unload machines, inspect the final product and reload machines
  • enter data through computer terminals to compensate for machine or material variations
  • measure and examine a sample of the machine product before making a full production run.

Working conditions for a Metal Press Operator

They usually work in factories and may work shifts. The job requires constant concentration and can be repetitive, and they usually sit or stand for long periods. Metal press operators may work alone or as part of a production line team and may be required to operate more than one machine. The press shop is very noisy and ear protection is worn.

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