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Nannies care for children as employees in private households.

Duties & Tasks
Nannies may perform the following tasks:
  • care for babies or young children by feeding, washing and dressing them, as well as by supervising their play and learning activities
  • plan creative play and learning activities and organise meal and sleep times
  • develop and/or maintain appropriate routines
  • communicate with parents to ensure their preferences regarding child care are maintained
  • safeguard children against potential dangers, such as swimming pools, kitchen utensils, poisons and stairs
  • take children to school, kindergarten and other activities
  • plan and prepare nutritious snacks and meals for children and possibly the family
  • care for and maintain children's belongings, bedrooms and play areas
  • take sole charge of children for extended periods while parents are absent from home
  • arrange and supervise outings
  • apply first aid and take appropriate action in cases of accident or emergency
  • perform light housekeeping duties when applicable, such as laundry or meal preparation.
  • Working conditions
    Nannies employed full time may be required to live in their employers' homes. They may also be required to work in the evenings and on weekends.
    Personal requirements
  • patient and mature with a willingness to accept responsibility
  • good organisation skills
  • able to work with young children
  • able to work unsupervised
  • good communication skills
  • reliable
  • able to multi-task
  • flexible and resourceful.
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