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Film and television editors edit and assemble films and videos from raw, unedited footage ('dailies' or 'rushes'), taking into account the mood, pace and climax of films or television productions.

Film and television lighting operators position, set up and operate lighting equipment to light sets or studios during stage performances, television broadcasts or film productions. Film and television lighting operators are responsible, both creatively and technically, for lighting interior and exterior scenes and must achieve desired effects through the placement, intensity and colour of lighting.

Film and television producers' assistants provide technical and other assistance for the production, recording and/or broadcasting of artistic performances, news, sports and special events.

Film, stage and television directors direct the overall production, or specific aspects of the production, of films, television programs or stage shows. They have the final responsibility for making sure that everything is ready to be filmed or performed.

Financial dealers and brokers conduct financial market transactions on behalf of clients and offer advice on financial matters.

Financial dealers' assistants assist stockbrokers and stockbroking firms in activities such as buying and selling shares, handling share certificates, processing financial market transactions and investment advising.

Financial institution branch managers direct the local activities of the bank branches of and branches of related financial institutions such as building societies and credit unions.

Financial planners develop and implement financial plans for individuals covering all areas of finance, including taxation, retirement, superannuation, insurance and estate planning.

Fire protection technicians commission, install, test and maintain fire protection systems and equipment in buildings and other facilities to provide life, property and environmental protection.

Firefighters control and extinguish fires, manage hazardous incidents, provide education to the community in fire prevention techniques and protect life, property and the environment.

Fish farm hands assist with the growing and cultivation of fish and the maintenance of fish farm premises and equipment.

Fisheries officers are responsible for the management, conservation and preservation of state and territory fisheries resources. They work to ensure these resources are not endangered or exploited.

Fitness instructors are involved in the assessment, teaching, training and supervision of a variety of people in health and fitness clubs, gymnasiums, sports centres and community recreation organisations. Fitness instructors may specialise in fields such as aerobics, aqua-fitness, personal training, exercise for specific groups (such as older people), resistance training and swimming.

Flight attendants provide onboard service to aircraft passengers and ensure the observance of airline safety procedures.

Floor finishers and coverers install and repair floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl, rubber, cork, parquetry and timber flooring. They may specialise as hard floor finishers, textile layers or resilient layers.

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