How to become a Packer

Packers weigh, wrap, seal and label meat, fruit, vegetables and other products by hand. They are also often involved in filling orders and sending out goods, especially if they work mainly with non-perishable products.

Personal requirements of a Packer

  • Enjoy practical work
  • able to work as part of a team
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • a high standard of personal hygiene
  • good memory and organisational skills
  • attention to detail
  • safety-conscious.

Duties & Tasks of a Packer

Packers may perform the following tasks:

  • obtain supplies of prepared meat, fruit, vegetables or other products and assemble bags, package folders and cartons
  • pack containers, bags or boxes with products, counting, weighing or measuring amounts and adjusting quantities
  • manually wrap products in protective material such as stretch wrap
  • seal bags and containers and attach labels
  • count and place bags or packages onto trays or racks, or into shipping cartons
  • affix identifying data onto cartons
  • visually inspect materials and containers
  • record information such as numbers, weight, times and dates
  • sort packaged products by weight or content
  • operate conveyors to receive or dispatch of packaged products
  • use machinery such as bundle tie machines, stretch wrap machines and pallet strapping machines
  • use laser barcode readers to identify and verify products
  • operate forklifts (if licensed) or other manual handling aides like pallet jacks or walkie stackers
  • use computers to pick and process orders.

Working conditions for a Packer

Packers often work in a cool or very cold environment and may be required to stand for most of the day. Many work part time or on contract. Staggered shifts or early morning starts are often required.


Packager and Container Filler

A packager and container filler fills and seals containers with products such as food, drinks, paints, oils and lotions.

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