How to become a Production Manager - Manufacturing

Manufacturing production managers plan, administer and review the manufacturing activities of an organisation to optimise resource use, minimise costs and maintain quality standards.

Personal requirements of a Production Manager - Manufacturing

  • Interested in technical and engineering activities
  • willing to adhere to safety requirements
  • able to identify, analyse and solve problems
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • able to work independently or as part of a team
  • able to accept responsibility
  • willing to contribute and adhere to safety requirements.

Duties & Tasks of a Production Manager - Manufacturing

Manufacturing production managers may perform the following tasks:

  • plan production policy in consultation with other managers
  • plan details of production activity in terms of output quality and quantity, cost, time available, and labour requirements
  • prepare work programs to achieve planned production and direct production control activities
  • control use of production plant facilities through planning of maintenance, the setting of operating hours and supply of parts and tools
  • coordinate and direct quality control procedures and the implementation of safety requirements, ensuring statutory requirements are met
  • direct research into new and improved production methods and products
  • monitor the preparation of production records and reports
  • provide advice and information about production to other managers and clients
  • recommend and implement initiatives such as new production techniques, products, purchase of new machinery and changes in staff levels
  • supervise production staff and organise staff selection, training, development and utilisation.

Working conditions for a Production Manager - Manufacturing

They usually work indoors in factories and offices, often working closely with other professionals to design and plan the manufacture of new products.

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