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Musicians write, arrange, orchestrate, perform, record and conduct musical compositions.

Duties & Tasks
Musicians may perform the following tasks:
  • study and rehearse musical scores prior to performances
  • play music in recitals as an accompanist or as a member of an orchestra, band or other musical group, from score or by memory
  • make recordings for sale or promotion on compact disc or online
  • create accompanying videos for the music
  • provide musical backing for television commercials, popular recordings, radio, television or film productions
  • improvise, transpose, compose or arrange music
  • play under the direction of a conductor.
  • Working conditions
    Musicians must be prepared to work irregular hours and spend long periods in practice and rehearsal. Some musicians work in areas unrelated to music to support themselves. Many professional musicians with experience in all styles combine music performance and music teaching careers in Australia.
    Personal requirements
  • musical skills
  • stamina to perform at peak level
  • self-confidence, motivation, dedication and determination
  • good communication skills
  • able to concentrate for long periods
  • mastery of one or more styles of music such as classical, jazz or pop
  • flair for entertainment.
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