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Science field officers perform support functions in the field by making observations, collecting and analysing samples, recording information, and looking after the practical tasks involved in maintaining a remote field operation, or operating a city-based office, laboratory or workshop. They may specialise in a number of different areas, such as agriculture, environment, forestry, geoscience and marine science.

Screen printers set up and operate power-driven or hand-operated screen printing machines to create images.

Seafood processors scale, clean, fillet, cut, shell, grade and pack seafood for sale or supply using knives, scalers and power equipment.

Secretaries assist professionals, managers and executives by performing clerical and secretarial duties.

Security advisers assess risks, advise clients on security requirements, and design and recommend security systems to meet security requirements.

Security officers protect people and property, and maintain crowd control.

Security system technicians fit and repair security systems in homes and businesses. Security system technicians work mainly indoors and sometimes have to work in confined roof spaces. They have considerable contact with customers in businesses and in private homes.

A search engine optimisation (SEO) specialist works to improve the search engine ranking results of websites. They often work as a part of a digital marketing team and create strategies that cover the full scope of content and on-site and off-site rankings factors.

Service station attendants sell fuel, lubricants, motor accessories, takeaway food, drinks and other items. They sometimes perform minor maintenance on motor vehicles.

Set designers research, design and supervise the construction of sets and scenery, costumes and all the visual aids required in stage, film and television productions.

Set production workers produce sets for films, plays, concerts or other entertainment productions.

Shearers harvest wool from sheep using power-driven handpieces that are fitted with combs and cutters.

Shearing shed hands assist wool classers and shearers by performing routine duties in shearing sheds and handling the fleeces after they have been shorn from the sheep.

Ships' catering attendants provide cabin, bar and dining services to passengers and crew on ships.

Ships' masters oversee navigation and manage the operation of ships at sea, in port and at anchor. They consult weather forecasts, make voyage plans and conduct equipment and inventory inspections in preparation of a vessel leaving port.

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