How to become a Trade Measurement Officer

Trade measurement officers monitor the marketplace with respect to goods sold by measure to ensure the accuracy of claimed or advertised measurements. Typical transactions using measurement include fuel purchased for motor vehicles and goods purchased by weight in supermarkets.

Personal requirements of a Trade Measurement Officer

  • Enjoy technical work
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to perform calculations accurately
  • Australian citizenship or permanent residency

Education & Training for a Trade Measurement Officer

You can become a trade measurement officer without formal qualifications; however, completion of Year 12 or a trade qualification would be an advantage. You will need to apply to the National Measurement Institute who will assess your suitability. If your application is successful, you will undertake both formal and informal training on the job. On successful completion of this training you will be awarded VET qualifications in Government (Trade Measurement) and Government (Investigation).

Duties & Tasks of a Trade Measurement Officer

Trade measurement officers may perform the following tasks:

  • test weighing and measuring equipment for accuracy
  • calibrate weights and measures to national measurement standards
  • conduct accuracy checks on goods sold by weight or measure (pre-packed food, for example)
  • apply the trade measurement law and investigate any fraud and prosecute if necessary
  • prepare briefs of evidence and instruct legal staff in the conduct of enforcement actions in the courts
  • provide advice and deliver education and promotion programs to traders and licensed repairers.

Working conditions for a Trade Measurement Officer

The work is performed at service stations, licensed premises, stores, supermarkets, factories and warehouses.

Employment Opportunities for a Trade Measurement Officer

Trade measurement officers are employed by the National Measurement Institute, a division of the Australian Government Department of Industry. Vacant positions are advertised on the APSJOBS website ( Contact the National Measurement Institute for further details.

Additional Information
Trade measurement officers are required to hold a drivers licence. You may need to pass a medical examination as part of the application process.
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