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Train Driver

Train drivers drive trains along a rail network in order to transport passengers or freight.

Duties & Tasks
Train drivers may perform the following tasks:
  • operate the train's controls
  • manage and coordinate train movements
  • stop at stations to pick up passengers or freight
  • inspect trains and report defects or adjustments
  • shunt rolling stock in marshalling yards
  • provide information to passengers using an onboard communications system
  • refuel diesel trains and check oil, water and sand, and top up as necessary
  • observe and obey rail signalling instructions, speed limits and other railway rules, procedures and instructions from the network control centre.
  • Working conditions
    All train drivers work shifts, which may include weekends and public holidays. Train crew on long-distance journeys may be required to stay away overnight.
    Personal requirements
  • ability to work within a team environment
  • good communication skills
  • able to solve mechanical and technical problems
  • good problem-solving and decision-making skills
  • good memory for learning safety procedures and regulations.
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