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Riggers assemble and install rigging gear such as cables, ropes, pulleys and winches to lift, lower, move or position machinery, structural steel and other heavy objects.

Rural heavy vehicle operators operate horticultural and agricultural machinery to clear and cultivate land and sow and harvest crops.

Ships' masters oversee navigation and manage the operation of ships at sea, in port and at anchor. They consult weather forecasts, make voyage plans and conduct equipment and inventory inspections in preparation of a vessel leaving port.

Ship's officers navigate and supervise the safe operation of ships at sea, in port and at anchor. They coordinate the activities of the crew and control cargo stowage loading and unloading operations.

Shipwrights construct, fit out, commission and repair all types of vessels from small pleasure craft through to a range of competitive, commercial and naval vessels. These vessels are built from a range of materials including metal, wood, aluminium, fibreglass, plastic, composites or ferro cement (reinforced cement or concrete).

Storepersons receive, handle and dispatch goods coming into, or going out of, stores or warehouses.

Train and network controllers move trains across their area of control using computerised and mechanical control systems, and liaise with other employees across the network to ensure trains run to schedule and safety standards are maintained.

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Rail Careers

Train crew employees manage customer service on suburban and long-distance passenger trains.

Train drivers drive trains along a rail network in order to transport passengers or freight.

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Rail Careers

Transport administrators plan, organise and control the operational activities of road, rail, air and water transport.

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Transport clerks check the contents and related documents of freight goods. They tally and record the consignment and destination details of articles, containers and passengers. They also make freight or transport bookings, as well as related arrangements.

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Rail Careers

Transport managers organise and control the operations of a transportation business.

Transport operations officers monitor train, tram or bus services and check up on service disruptions. Transport operations officers spend much of their time in the office but often need to travel within their service area. Shiftwork, weekend work and additional shifts during peak periods are usually expected in this occupation. Being outdoors in all weather conditions is also required.

Transport services officers assist the public in their use of passenger transport services, maintain orderly conduct of passengers, patrol public transport to ensure safety and security on transport networks, and inspect tickets.

Travel consultants provide information, advice and booking services for people wishing to travel. Travel consultants in large organisations may specialise in particular areas such as business, international or domestic travel.

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