How to become a Vehicle Trimmer

Vehicle trimmers make, install, repair, replace or modify the seats, upholstery, roof and door linings, interior trim and floor coverings of a vehicle. They work on cars, trucks, vintage vehicles, buses, caravans, trains, aircraft and boats.

Personal requirements of a Vehicle Trimmer

  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • good hand-eye coordination
  • able to work neatly and accurately
  • able to solve problems
  • able to cope with the physical demands of the job
  • normal colour vision.

Duties & Tasks of a Vehicle Trimmer

Vehicle trimmers: • remove old coverings or fittings from vehicles and take new measurements • select, measure and cut out pieces of fabric, vinyl or leather using shears or electric cutting tools • sew pieces together using industrial sewing machines • fit trim in vehicles • repair and manufacture seat covers • refit, align and check window winding mechanisms, door locks and other interior parts • waterproof and dustproof vehicles using weather strips and draught sealers • manufacture work according to drawings and sketches.


Marine Upholsterer

A marine upholsterer install or repair the upholstery on boats with appropriately resilient materials.

Avg. weekly wage:


Future growth:


Employment by state:


NSW NSW 17.2%

NT NT 0.3%

QLD QLD 38.9%

SA SA 6.6%

TAS TAS 0.4%

VIC VIC 22.3%

WA WA 14.3%

Hours worked:



Lower unemployment

Gender split:

Male 97.7%

Female 2.3%

Education level:

Age brackets:

15-19 - 1.9%

20-24 - 26.5%

25-34 - 23.5%

35-44 - 13.4%

45-54 - 20.3%

55-59 - 3.7%

60-64 - 7.7%

65 and Over - 3.1%

*The data above is sourced from the Department of Employment’s Job Outlook website.

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