How to become a Windscreen Fitter

Windscreen fitters repair and replace windscreens and side and rear glass in motor vehicles.

Personal requirements of a Windscreen Fitter

  • enjoy practical and manual activities
  • good customer relations skills
  • no allergies to chemicals, kerosene or sealants
  • interested in motor vehicles
  • good at mechanical activities.

Duties & Tasks of a Windscreen Fitter

Windscreen fitters may perform the following tasks:

  • repair laminated windscreens
  • remove moulds and trims from around damaged glass
  • remove damaged windscreens and side and rear glass, and replace these according to the vehicle manufacturer's specifications
  • install glass that has either been pre-cut and shaped or cut with a template using flat laminated glass
  • repair or replace damaged glass frames, moulds, window winding mechanisms and door handles.

Working conditions for a Windscreen Fitter

The work may be carried out in a workshop or in a mobile service unit. Some companies specialise in sunroof conversions and car window insulation (tinting).

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