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Winery Worker

Winery workers are involved in growing grapes and making, bottling, warehousing, packaging, distributing and selling wine in Australia and overseas.

Duties & Tasks
Winery workers may perform the following tasks:
  • prepare soil, plant vines and cultivate and fertilise crops
  • construct wire trellises to support vines and fruit
  • control weeds, diseases and pests
  • assist with grape picking and, after harvest, vine pruning
  • assist in making wine by operating equipment to crush and ferment the grapes
  • assist in bottle fermentation by twining (turning the bottles) and re-topping during the process (for sparkling wines)
  • operate equipment to clarify and filter wine
  • make additions to wine, and blend and transfer wine during maturation
  • prepare wine for bottling
  • assist with barrel work and racking
  • assist with bottling, corking and general cleaning
  • assist in forwarding export orders
  • operate cellar door, including sales and administration.
  • Working conditions
    A winery worker may be involved in all aspects of vineyard and cellar work or may specialise in one or more areas, such as cellar work, bottling, laboratory work, vineyard work, warehousing and packing, cellar door sales or export orders, depending on the size and type of winery.
    Personal requirements
  • enjoy practical activities
  • able to undertake manual work
  • able to work quickly and reliably
  • good with numbers
  • good oral and written communication skills
  • safety-conscious.
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