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Aquarium Assistant

Aquarium Assistants care for and sell aquatic animals. They also provide advice to customers on animal selection and care.

Assistant Animal Groomer

Assistant Animal Groomers work as junior groomers caring for and grooming companion animals, usually dogs and occasionally cats.

Livestock Farmer

Livestock farmers plan, coordinate and perform farming operations to breed and raise livestock such as beef or dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry or other breeds.

Specialisations: Beef Cattle Farmer Dairy Farmer Mixed Livestock Farmer Pig Farmer Poultry/Chicken Farmer Sheep Farmer


Shotfirers assemble, position and detonate explosives to break or dislodge rock and soil or to demolish structures.

Fisheries Officer

Fisheries officers are responsible for the management, conservation and preservation of state and territory fisheries resources. They work to ensure these resources are not endangered or exploited.

Specialisations: Boating and Fisheries Patrol Officer Fisheries Observer

Winery Worker

Winery workers are involved in growing grapes and making, bottling, warehousing, packaging, distributing and selling wine in Australia and overseas.


Cheesemakers make and supervise the making of cheese.

Landcare Worker

Landcare workers perform a range of tasks to maintain and restore native bushland and farmland.

Specialisations: Environmental Field Officer


Farmers and farm managers undertake farming operations to raise livestock and cultivate crops, fruit, vegetables and other agricultural products. A farmer is a self-employed person who farms their own land or a leasehold property rented from a landowner. A farm manager is an employee who is paid a salary to manage a farm or group of farms. Farmers and farm managers may specialise in enterprises such as cropping or horticulture. Others work with animals such as beef or dairy cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry. Many farmers and farm managers conduct mixed farming operations.

Specialisations: Permaculturalist Production Horticulturist

Crop Farmer

Crop farmers plan, direct, coordinate and perform farming operations to grow crops such as grain, sugar cane, tobacco, fruit and nuts, vegetables and flowers.


Deckhands undertake a wide range of fishery and maritime work on land and at sea, including communications, supply, seamanship, hospitality and stores. They may also use equipment such as nets, lines and traps to catch fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

Dog Trainer

Dog trainers teach dogs to obey commands and perform specific tasks.

Specialisations: Detection/Defence Dog Trainer