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Property Economist

Property economists provide advice about the administration, development and use of land and property such as office buildings, shopping centres, blocks of flats, subdivisions, factories, hotels, resorts and farms. Property economists may specialise in certain property sectors (including industrial, commercial, retail, hotels and rural areas) or in property research or property investment analysis.

Landscape Architect

Landscape architects plan and design land areas for projects such as parks, schools, roads, sports complexes, holiday resorts, shopping centres, national parks and playgrounds. Landscape architects may specialise in projects such as parks, playgrounds, roads or public housing. They may also specialise in types of services, such as regional planning and resource management, site selection, cost studies or site construction.

Landscape Gardener

Landscape gardeners design and construct garden landscapes or renovate existing gardens. They use a wide range of gardening skills to create a landscape that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. Landscape gardeners work at a variety of sites, including public and private parks and gardens, indoor facilities and newly developed housing estates as well as industrial complexes. They may also construct fences, trellises, pergolas, ponds, ferneries, barbecue areas, play structures and garden furniture.

Livestock Farm Hand

Livestock Farm Hands carry out a range of basic and specialist duties on livestock farms, including animal care and general maintenance. Depending on the industry and size of the operation, they may have more specialist tasks such as milking or shearing duties or administration. They work under limited supervision.

Research and Development Manager

Research and development managers plan, administer and review the research and development program and activities of an organisation.

Marine Biologist

Marine biologists study the origin, structure, functions and behaviour of all forms of life in the sea and connected estuaries, rivers and lakes, as well as their relationships with each other and how they are affected by environmental factors.

Specialisations: Marine Ecologist

Marine Surveyor

Marine surveyors carry out inspections of passenger and cargo ships, commercial charter craft, fishing vessels, recreational craft and yachts.

Metallurgical Technician

Metallurgical technicians test materials as part of mineral processing and metal refining, or for research purposes, and provide technical support to metallurgical engineers.


Miners operate equipment to excavate, load and transport coal, ore, mineral sand and rock, either underground or in open-cut mines.

Mining Engineer

Mining engineers plan and direct the engineering aspects of extracting mineral resources from the earth.

Natural Resource Manager

Natural resource managers develop conservation plans for nature reserves, land and other natural resources, so that people can use these resources in an ecologically sustainable way. Natural resource managers specialising in land and biological resources work in agencies where they can apply ecological and planning principles to the management of renewable resources such as forests, grasslands and agricultural landscapes. Natural resource managers specialising in water and soil resources may apply their skills to several areas, including irrigated agriculture, drainage, water supply, water catchment management, pollution control and rehabilitation after mining activities.


Winemakers plan, supervise and coordinate the production of wine or spirits from selected varieties of grapes. Scientific knowledge is playing an increasingly important role in winemaking and some winemakers specialise in the research and development of wine.