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Boiler Attendant

Boiler attendants operate and maintain boilers used to supply heat or steam to power machines.

Process Plant Equipment Operator

Process plant equipment operators use machines and equipment to produce chemicals and chemical products such as soaps, detergents, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and explosives.

Chemical Plant Operator

Chemical plant operators control the operation of chemical production equipment used in processing minerals and in manufacturing a range of products such as drugs, textiles, ammunition and plastics.

Specialisations: Chemical and Hydrocarbon Plant Technician

Minerals Process Engineer

Minerals process engineers transform low-value impure minerals, recycled materials and by-products of other processing operations into commercially valuable products.


Manufacturers plan, organise and manage the operations of small establishments that manufacture goods.

Glass and Glazing Tradesperson

Glass and glazing tradespersons cut, shape and install glass used in windows, doors and mirrors. They may also prepare and install glass used for structural purposes in residential, commercial and high-rise buildings.

Kiln Operator

Kiln operators use solar, gas or steam kilns or ovens to dry and season clay, ceramic, glass and wood products. They control the temperature, heating times and ventilation in the kilns and may also carry out inspections of the equipment to maintain performance.

Machine Operator (Non-metal Products)

Machine operators in non-metallic mineral product industries operate plant machinery and equipment to produce ceramic, clay, glass and concrete products such as bricks, tiles, pottery, cement, lime, paving blocks and glassware.

Production Manager - Manufacturing

Manufacturing production managers plan, administer and review the manufacturing activities of an organisation to optimise resource use, minimise costs and maintain quality standards.

Metal Press Operator

Metal press operators use automatic or semi-automatic machines or machine tools to shape and form metal products or parts.

Metal Trades Assistant

Metal trades assistants assist metal engineering tradespeople by performing routine tasks.

Mineral Processing Operator

Mineral processing operators use equipment to process mineral ores until the final form or a concentrate is produced. Commonly processed minerals include gold, silver, nickel and iron ore. Mineral-bearing ore is subjected to various processes to extract the minerals. The ore is first crushed, then processing equipment (such as screens, grinding mills, filters, flotation cells, tanks and conveyors) is used to extract concentrated minerals. At the end of the treatment process the minerals may be produced into their final form by smelting, or as a bulk concentrate in preparation for shipment from site.