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Product Assembler

Product assemblers put together components and subassemblies that go into the production of metal products, electrical and electronic equipment, joinery products, jewellery and precious metal articles.

Specialisations: Computer Assembly Technician Electric and Electronic Goods Assembler Machinery Assembler Metal Goods Assembler Process Worker

Machine Operator (Non-metal Products)

Machine operators in non-metallic mineral product industries operate plant machinery and equipment to produce ceramic, clay, glass and concrete products such as bricks, tiles, pottery, cement, lime, paving blocks and glassware.

Specialisations: Clay, Concrete and Stone Machine Operator Glass Production Worker Kiln Operator - Ceramics

Plastics and Composites Processor

Plastics and composites processors handle machinery that manufactures or finishes plastic or composite products by injection moulding, extrusion, blow moulding, blow film extrusion and other processes. They may also finish, repair, and refinish damaged products.

Glass and Glazing Tradesperson

Glass and glazing tradespersons cut, shape and install glass used in windows, doors and mirrors. They may also prepare and install glass used for structural purposes in residential, commercial and high-rise buildings.

Specialisations: Flat Glass Tradesperson Furniture/Millworking Tradesperson Glass Beveller Glass Cutter Glass Embosser Glass Silverer Glazier/Structural Glass Tradesperson Leadlight Worker

Mineral Processing Operator

Mineral processing operators use equipment to process mineral ores until the final form or a concentrate is produced. Commonly processed minerals include gold, silver, nickel and iron ore. Mineral-bearing ore is subjected to various processes to extract the minerals. The ore is first crushed, then processing equipment (such as screens, grinding mills, filters, flotation cells, tanks and conveyors) is used to extract concentrated minerals. At the end of the treatment process the minerals may be produced into their final form by smelting, or as a bulk concentrate in preparation for shipment from site.

Quality Assurance Inspector

Quality assurance inspectors examine manufactured products, primary produce, goods and services to make sure they meet all standards of presentation and quality.


Recyclers collect, sort and handle a range of recyclable items such as paper, glass, metals and plastics that are then processed and prepared for resale.

Process Plant Operator (Oil and Gas)

Process plant operators in the oil and gas industry control, monitor and maintain the plant machinery and equipment to produce, refine and pump chemicals, oil, gas and petroleum.

Rubber Processor

Rubber processors operate machines and perform related duties to manufacture rubber products such as tyres and reinforced hoses.

Specialisations: Rubber Extruder Operator Rubber Injection Moulding Machine Operator Rubber Knitting Machine Operator Rubber Moulding Machine Operator Rubber Roll Builder Rubber Roller Grinder Operator Tyre Production Machine Operator