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Indigenous Community Liaison Officer

Indigenous community liaison officers liaise with Indigenous communities and the state or territory police forces in order to establish and maintain positive relationships.

Air Force Officer

Air Force officers command, train and motivate Air Force airmen and airwomen for peacetime and wartime tasks. Air Force officers work at the middle and executive management levels within the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF), with officers specialising in various areas depending on their training and qualifications.

Security Officer

Security officers protect people and property, and maintain crowd control.

Specialisations: Air Security Officer Protectives Service Officer Bodyguard Crowd Controller Gatekeeper

Aviation Firefighter

Aviation firefighters fight fires in aircraft and buildings at airports, provide rescue and first-aid services for aircraft passengers and crew, provide technical advice about fire safety and assist in educating airport users about firefighting and safety.

Policy Analyst

Policy analysts develop and advise on policies that guide the design, implementation and modification of government and commercial operations and programs.

Army Officer

Army officers command, train and motivate soldiers for both peacetime and wartime tasks. They are the leaders and managers of the Army, working at the middle and executive management level.

Army Soldier

Army soldiers are employed as soldiers first and foremost and can serve as tank drivers, gunners and riflemen, but may also work in jobs in administration, management, transport, finance, supply and a variety of trades.

Army Soldier - Tradesperson

Army soldier - tradespersons undertake a wide range of tasks for the Australian Army, including the construction, maintenance and repair of Army equipment in Australia and overseas.

Aviation Transport Protection Officer

Aviation transport protection officers carry out security screening procedures relevant to aviation passengers/Non-passengers and/or checked baggage. They may also conduct control room functions, and assist passengers with security screening procedures.

Court Officer

Court officers assist in the effective operation of courts.

Specialisations: Bailiff Clerk of Court Court Registrar Sheriff


A bailiff is contracted by the courts to serve legal orders and documents, as well as to seize or repossess property as determined by official court orders.


Lawyers provide advice, write documents and conduct negotiations on legal matters, and may represent clients in court and tribunal proceedings. They are described as solicitors or barristers, depending on the work they do.

Specialisations: Barrister Judge Magistrate Solicitor