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Drainlayers install, maintain and repair pipes in stormwater or sewerage systems drains, and install associated sewerage or effluent disposal systems.

Service Station Attendant

Service station attendants sell fuel, lubricants, motor accessories, takeaway food, drinks and other items. They sometimes perform minor maintenance on motor vehicles.

Electrical Linesperson

Electrical linespersons install, repair and maintain overhead lines and cables carrying electricity to domestic, commercial and industrial users and electric train services.

Electrical or Electronics Engineering Technologist

Electrical or electronics engineering technologists apply engineering principles to the design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of electrical and/or electronic plants and equipment.


Electricians install, maintain, repair, test and commission electrical and electronic equipment and systems for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. Electricians may also work on electrical transmission and distribution equipment.

Electronic Equipment Technician

Electronic equipment technicians install, service and repair electronic equipment for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes. They work with equipment such as computer networks, mobile phones, radio communications equipment (such as WLAN, two-way radio transceivers, CB radio, and radio and TV broadcast studio equipment), video arcade machines, microphones and public address systems.

Electronics Engineering Associate

Electronics engineering associates conduct and assist with the research, design, manufacture, repair and maintenance of advanced electronic equipment and systems. Electronics engineering associates usually have a range of duties that lie between trade and professional engineer levels.

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineers are concerned with assessing and managing the effects of human and other activity on the natural and built environment. They apply their engineering knowledge and skills to such things as environmental impact assessment, natural resources management and pollution control.

Engineering Tradesperson - Mechanical

Mechanical engineering tradespersons carry out a range of mechanical work on machines, subassemblies and manufactured parts using a range of processes, tools and machines. Recent changes in the industry have resulted in a number of trade jobs being merged into broad occupational areas. The new training structure provides a mix of skills across a number of traditional occupations, while also allowing apprentices to develop specific skills.

Specialisations: Fitter Gunsmith Metal Machinist Toolmaker


Manufacturers plan, organise and manage the operations of small establishments that manufacture goods.

Foundry Worker

Foundry workers assist tradespeople and semi-skilled workers to cast metal into shapes that are used as parts for machinery, motor vehicles, railway engines, stove parts and wheels.

Heavy Vehicle Motor Mechanic

Heavy vehicle motor mechanics repair, maintain and test heavy vehicles, other engines and related mechanical components.