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Industrial Textiles Fabricator

Industrial textiles fabricators lay out, cut, assemble and repair products made of various textiles, including canvas and synthetic fabric. They produce awnings, tents, annexes, tarpaulins, horse rugs, vehicle covers, shade cloths, bags, rucksacks, boat covers, banners, pool covers and yacht sails.

Specialisations: Sailmaker Shade Sail Manufacturer and Installer

Clothing and Soft Furnishing Production Worker

Clothing and soft furnishing production workers are involved in all stages of production, from marking and cutting the fabric through to finishing the item.

Specialisations: Cutter Material Handler Product Examiner Sewing Machinist Soft Furnishing Maker

Clothing Patternmaker

Clothing patternmakers produce master patterns from designs. They work closely with designers, interpreting their sketches to develop a style that can be achieved by the company's equipment and staff, and that fits the image of the company's label.

Clothing, Fabric and Textile Factory Hand

Clothing, fabric and textile factory hands perform routine tasks in clothing, fabric and textile factories.

Dry Cleaner

Dry cleaners care for, clean, repair and rejuvenate clothing, curtains, bedding and furnishings by operating dry cleaning and ironing machines.

Textile Technician

Textile technicians perform technical functions in various aspects of the design, production and quality control of textile products.


Manufacturers plan, organise and manage the operations of small establishments that manufacture goods.

Fashion Coordinator

Fashion coordinators arrange and supervise the marketing of fashion clothing for manufacturing houses, textile firms and retail stores.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers plan and develop new clothing and accessory styles by creating original designs or by adapting fashions to suit local conditions and trends. They fabricate sample garments based on these designs.

Shoe Repairer

Shoe repairers repair shoes and leather goods according to customer requirements.

Footwear Worker

Footwear workers make shoes, boots and sandals using hand and machine tools.


Milliners design and make hats and other headgear such as caps, berets, bonnets, fascinators and bridal headpieces, using materials such as felt, fabric, fur, leather, straw and artificial flowers.