How to become a Vending Machine Servicer

Vending machine servicers maintain, repair and replenish machines that dispense goods such as drinks, confectionery and tickets.

Personal requirements for a Vending Machine Servicer

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Enjoy practical and manual activities
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Aptitude for electronics
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Literacy and numeracy skills.

Duties & Tasks of a Vending Machine Servicer

Vending machine servicers may perform the following tasks:

  • Replenish vending machine products, including drinks and food
  • Study product manuals or specifications to keep up to date with new technologies and learn about individual vending machines
  • Perform routine maintenance to keep vending machines in good working condition by regularly oiling moving parts, replacing worn components and keeping essential parts clean
  • Perform breakdown maintenance on call-out when a vending machine fails
  • Determine machine problems by talking to customers to find out the nature of the faults and examining the vending machine to find causes
  • Repair or replace damaged parts, including refrigeration components and worn bearings and cogs, by soldering cracked or broken housings and replacing broken or faulty parts, then reassembling the machine to test that it works
  • Clear money from machines, account for money collected and check monitoring systems
  • Arrange for removal and replacement of vending machines that cannot be repaired on site.

Working conditions for a Vending Machine Servicer

Vending machine servicers may work indoors or outdoors, but they usually work under cover. They will often be mobile and move to different locations each day in response to breakdown calls, or to perform on-site maintenance. They may also work in a workshop performing maintenance or repairs on vending machines that have either broken down or been returned from on-site lease.


With the increasing complexity of vending machine technologies, an understanding of electrical, electronic and computer hardware and software systems is often required. The latest equipment has electronic payments systems incorporated and higher level skills in communications and security technologies apply.

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