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Name: Shaneika


“I'm in my second year at ANU and I'm studying Criminology and International Security Studies in a Flexible Double Degree.

Before I came to ANU - I'm from Sydney originally - I had an idea of what it might be like. Coming to ANU Open Day reinforced my perception that it was a close-knit community. ANU seemed like one big family, and I felt that I would fit in here.

Open Day really helped me decide what I wanted to do at uni. I saw a presentation on Criminology, and I ran into Dr Jason Payne (Senior Lecturer in Criminology), who really sold me on the subject. I also met someone from the ANU College of Asia Pacific who suggested International Security Studies would be a good pairing with Criminology in a double degree.

Coming to ANU Open Day was the biggest factor for me in my decision to come to ANU. Mum and Dad weren't keen about me moving, but I thought if I showed them the uni, they might change their minds. They'd see it's not so far away. They'd experience the residential side of it and get a sense of the community here ... get to meet the lecturers and academics ... see that it's a great place to be. Afterwards, my mum came back and said "I can see this working ..."

In Sydney, I found I could do Criminology at one uni, and International Security Studies at another, but at ANU I could do both!

Now I live in a six-share apartment in Warrumbul at UniLodge. You're never entirely on your own so you don't get lonely - and there's always someone to let you in if you forget your key! UniLodge run programs to help bring everyone together like Warrumbul Wednesdays, and doughnut and Milo nights.

I met someone from the Northern Territory last week. I can finally say I know someone from every state ... I'm not sure I would have found that at a university in Sydney. ANU is kind of like a meeting place - I guess that's why it's in Canberra!

I have ideas about what I want to do when I finish studying.  Once upon a time I wanted to join the Police Force, but my mum was insistent that I go to uni and have something to fall back on. With my qualifications, maybe I will work alongside the Police Force instead. At the moment, I'm interested in drug and human-trafficking ... so that's currently where my head is at.”

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