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Name: Crystal Cooke

Course: Bachelor of Nursing + Graduate Diploma of Clinical Practice (Paramedic)

Charles Sturt University (CSU) graduate Crystal Cooke works as a Paramedic with NSW Ambulance in Sydney. She is also a medical advisor for Channel Seven, contributing to scripts for shows like Home and Away. But when Crystal started her journey with CSU she had little knowledge of healthcare.

“I had no experience in biology, chemistry, didn’t know maths, could not even tell you what blood pressure was. I just knew I really wanted to be a paramedic. Yet by halfway through my first semester I’d been accepted into an accelerated pathway with NSW Ambulance and I had a contract waiting for me when I finished my degree.”

By her second year Crystal was travelling the world – in Canada with other CSU students, doing ride-alongs with the British Columbia Ambulance Service and Alberta Health Services.

After returning to Australia, Crystal completed her internship with NSW Ambulance and became a Qualified Paramedic.  

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