• Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith

    Elizabeth Smith

    Doctor of Medicine

    Elizabeth Smith has travelled the country as a nurse, in the Army Reserve and as a performer. Now she’s embarking on a medicine degree at Charles Sturt University – to help bridge the health gap for rural women.

    “Many communities don’t have doctors or nurses in town. Primary healthcare can make such a huge impact on a person’s life, and it didn’t feel fair to me that there are thousands of Australians who are not afforded this right. Plus, women in rural communities often experience disadvantage and have a lack of access to specific care.

    “I want to pursue a career in general practice, obstetrics or gynaecology. To bridge the health gap and empower more women and girls in the community. And I think we can learn from holistic models of health that encompass different initiatives. These could include community arts, theatre and community yarning.”

  • Demi Taylor

    Demi Taylor

    Bachelor of Agricultural Science

    Demi Taylor loves being surrounded by red dirt and open paddocks. And she’s passionate about a more sustainable future in Australian agriculture.

    “Whether you’re a producer, consultant, scientist or in another position, you play an equally important role in global food security, which is a vital concept that is taken for granted by society, yet can never be guaranteed. That encouraged me to further my learning about the social roles within agriculture and the corresponding environmental issues and sustainable practices involved.

    “I hope to pursue a career as an agricultural extension officer. They’re a point of contact between scientist and producer. It’s vital that everyone works together to achieve mutual goals of a more sustainable future in Australian agriculture.

    “I aspire to break down knowledge and language barriers by interpreting complex scientific research and communicating it to producers in a way that is relatable despite diverse socio-cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.”

    Demi Taylor
  • Kathy Talbot
    Kathy Talbot

    Kathy Talbot

    Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship)

    For 20 years Kathy Talbot taught students from preschool through to Year 10 before working in the school’s library. After several years in that role, Kathy decided to pursue postgrad studies. She was working part-time and her children were becoming independent, so she enrolled in Charles Sturt’s fully online Master of Education (Teacher Librarianship).

    While studying and working part-time, Kathy gained a full-time teacher librarian position at her school, a Year 7–12 college.

    “There isn’t a day that’s the same – I love the diversity of my job! I could be creating online resources for a classroom teacher, facilitating an educational ‘escape room’, taking a class on a virtual reality excursion or helping my students design a school garden – and let’s not forget planning for Book Week! I also run a weekly reading café for students with some colleagues, to share our love of books and reading.”

  • Hamish McCormack

    Hamish McCormack

    Hamish McCormack, an electrician by trade, decided to explore a career in the legal profession.

    “I wasn’t really enjoying what I was doing, and you have to think about the future. You can’t go crawling through people’s roofs for the rest of your life.”

    Hamish decided to study Charles Sturt’s online Bachelor of Laws. He hoped his trade skills and bachelor’s learning would help him create a fresh future career.

    “I found a company that had opened a new office. It was construction and infrastructure based – which is my whole trade. So, I contacted the director and he offered me a paralegal role. I hadn’t even got my degree yet!

    “I’m thoroughly enjoying my work now. It’s very interesting to be working in a new way in an industry I’ve been in most of my career. I can’t see myself wanting to do anything but construction law.”

    Hamish McCormack
  • Clay Mueller
    Clay Mueller

    Clay Mueller

    Bachelor of Environmental Science and Management

    Clay Mueller wants to make a difference. And he’s putting his environmental science learning into action to make it happen. Studying an undergraduate environmental science degree at Charles Sturt University in Port Macquarie, Clay dedicates both his studies and his spare time to helping protect and rejuvenate the country’s wildlife. Especially the koala population.

    A tour guide at the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, Clay puts into practice what he’s learning in his course.

    “I’ve always been passionate about conservation. The work we do as a team at the koala hospital is quite literally hope in action for the awareness, protection and service of our precious koalas.

    “In the worst circumstances, we see the best of humanity. It reinforces the impact that humans can have on regenerating the planet. Everything that humans rely on comes from nature and our delicate ecosystems. It makes you want to fight a bit more.”

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