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CHC is a higher education provider which offers over 25 courses from diploma to masters level. Students can choose from a range of disciplines including business, education and humanities, liberal arts, social sciences and ministries.

Name: Alex Crook

Course: Bachelor of Liberal Arts

After finishing a degree in creative advertising and graphic design, I was still hungry for more. I thought finding somewhere I would be challenged to understand the world on a deeper level was something out of reach. But within the first few weeks of beginning a Bachelor of Liberal Arts, majoring in history and philosophy, I found my place. I get to discover the past within its broad context and how that changes the way we understand what happened. I’ve learned that everyone’s experiences are different, so there are as many worldviews as there are people in the world. This has challenged the assumptions I’ve made about people and I’ve learned to look at others with compassion rather than judgement. Learning about the liberal arts has filled the hole in my life I didn’t even know was there.

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