Certificate III in Government - PSP30116

Churchill Education

Type of institution: Registered Training Organisation
Level: Pre-degree

This qualification is part of the Public Sector Training Package. It covers the general competencies for those working in entry level roles in the public sector, with a focus on meeting the ethical and legislative requirements of the public service and covers skills required to operate in a range of public service work activities that are generalist in nature. Specialisations are available in: Court services; Border protection; Protective security, and Personnel vetting.


  • 13 units: 4 core
  • 7 elective


  • Implement security risk treatments
  • Create and maintain profiles
  • Secure government assets
  • Undertake routine inspections and monitoring
  • Perform duties to support a hearing
  • Compose workplace documents
  • Maintain security
  • Access and use resources and financial systems
  • Work effectively in the organisation
  • Consign radioactive material
  • Calculate taxes, fees and charges
  • Contribute to health and safety of self and others
  • Identify and treat risks
  • Take custody of and store weapons
  • Maintain security during escort
  • Manage witnesses
  • Gather information through interviews
  • Perform basic radiation measurements
  • Confine small workplace emergencies
  • Comply with legislation in the public sector
  • Conduct search and seizure
  • Compile and check survey plans
  • Use border protection technology equipment
  • Conduct personnel security assessments
  • Identify, prevent and report potential workplace emergency situations
  • Conduct security awareness sessions
  • Respond to workplace emergencies
  • Work safely with radiation-unsealed source equipment
  • Apply regulatory powers
  • Uphold the values and principles of public service
  • Contribute to workgroup activities
  • Conduct searches
  • Undertake government security risk analysis
  • Compile and use official notes
  • Give and receive workplace feedback
  • Undertake information technology security audits
  • Build and maintain internal networks
  • Produce formal record of interview
  • Examine and test firearms
  • Contain incidents that jeopardise safety and security
  • Receive and validate data
  • Address client needs
  • Carry out basic procurement
  • Work with a coach or mentor
  • Work safely with radiation-sealed source equipment
  • Investigate tenure and land use history
  • Handle sensitive information
  • Contribute to conflict management
  • Implement change
  • Support innovation and change through extension
  • Respond to government security incidents
  • Handle and transport radioactive material
  • Audio record court proceedings
  • Work effectively with diversity
  • Operate communications systems and equipment
  • Maintain detector dog proficiency
  • Organise workplace information
  • Maintain workplace safety
  • Conduct patrols
  • Use workplace communication strategies
  • Work in and with small, regional and remote organisations
  • Assist with scientific technical support
  • Undertake scientific/technological research
  • Deploy detector dog

Study information

Campus Fees Entry Mid year intake Attendance
Samford Village Domestic: $2,850
No information available Yes No information available

Further information

Students seeking a qualification targeted to a specific specialisation (such as court services or border protection) should select the required number of electives from the relevant group. A generic qualification may be obtained by selecting units of competency from across all elective groups.

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