Certificate IV in Dental Assisting - HLT45015

Dental Assistants Professional Association Inc

Type of institution: Registered Training Organisation
Level: Pre-degree

This qualification is part of the Health Training Package. It reflects the role of workers who provide an advanced level of assistance to a dentist, dental hygienist, dental prosthetist, dental therapist or oral health therapist, which contributes to the quality of oral health care.


  • 14 units: 10 core
  • 4 elective


  • Prepare for and assist with oral health care procedures
  • Communicate and work in health or community services
  • Provide community focused health promotion and prevention strategies
  • Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately
  • Apply the principles of radiation biology and protection in dental practice
  • Manage patient recordkeeping system
  • Assist with preparation of clients for operative procedures
  • Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures
  • Work with diverse people
  • Construct models
  • Assist with dental radiography
  • Provide intra-operative equipment and technical support
  • Assist with administration in dental practice
  • Implement an oral health promotion program
  • Produce a prescribed dental radiographic image
  • Provide work skill instruction
  • Implement an individualised oral hygiene program
  • Prepare to expose a prescribed dental radiographic image
  • Identify risk and apply risk management processes
  • Handle and care for operating theatre equipment
  • Coordinate business resources
  • Inform and support patients and groups about oral health
  • Apply project human resources management approaches
  • Construct thermoformed bases and appliances
  • Take a clinical photograph
  • Develop workplace policy and procedures
  • Allocate treatment appointments according to priority
  • Maintain work health and safety
  • Assist in oral health care procedures during conscious sedation
  • Implement an oral hygiene program for older people
  • Provide or assist with oral hygiene
  • Provide first aid
  • Assist in oral health care procedures during general anaesthesia
  • Implement and monitor infection prevention and control policies and procedures
  • Construct custom impression trays
  • Take an impression for study models
  • Construct registration rims
  • Recognise and respond to oral health issues
  • Apply and manage use of basic oral health products
  • Process reusable medical devices and equipment

Further information

Entrants must have completed at least 250 hours of work as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of the units of competency.

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