Ducere Global Business School

Ducere has partnered with the University of Canberra and a range of leading Australian organisations to deliver this 12-month online MBA (Innovation and Leadership) that puts industry experience first.

Name: Matt Archer

Course: Master of Business Administration (Innovation and Leadership)

In an era of institutional uncertainty, endemic consciousness piracy, and deteriorating social conviction, maintaining interpersonal relevance, reciprocity, and credibility is evermore challenging. Contextually, I undertook my MBA journey in pursuit of a catalytic vector for abstract personal transformation, tangible professional challenge, and long-term vocational sustainability. 

I was jaded at first – suffering from hyperbole-fatigue, desensitised by exposure to myriad nadirs of spurious exceptionalism. For me, the Ducere MBA changed all that. I met exceptional individuals, students and staff, who have become friends, mentors, and sources of inspiration – something I can’t ever say lightly, or enough. Our social capital and value potential was amplified by being forged on an academic anvil via real-world challenges – we became better, stronger, more vital.

Personally, I evolved intellectually, emotionally, and socially – my journey now continues towards unexpected emergent target apices. If you’re seeking to benchmark personal excellence, this program is for you. 10/10 – would do again.

Name: Magenta Potocnik

Course: Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship

The Grad Cert is THE sure-fire way to dip to toes before diving into the MBA. The content, delivery and support caters to candidates who are time poor but with an appetite for personal progression. 

The Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship enables students to actually apply their knowledge and in some cases actually undertake the strategies/programs/models that were assessed as part of the qualification in their current employment or their own businesses. This method was pure innovation in terms of allowing the student to choose the angle of the assessment pieces to maintain an engaging student body in the areas of their own personal interest.  The course delivery, moodle platform and academics were fantastic. Additionally, there was no problem too big and no query too small for the support staff that I dealt with. This was a standout/cut above the rest approach to tertiary education and I am beholden to Ducere for such an amazing program.

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