Certificate III in ESI Generation - Operations - UEP30218

Entura clean energy and water institute

Subjects you can Study:

Promote innovation in a team environment; Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding advanced level; Operate manual systems; Maintain quality systems within the team; Support operational plan; Perform manual heating and thermal cutting; Conduct water conveyance and control; Operate and monitor generator/alternator; Conduct minor mechanical maintenance; Facilitate the use of contingency plans for power generation facilities; Contribute to team effectiveness; Operate and monitor alkalinity reduction plant; Facilitate workplace communication; Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding basic level; Analyse single protection device operation; Conduct telescopic materials handler operations; Operate and monitor gas production plant; Operate and monitor fixed fire protection systems; Perform plant lubrication; Operate and monitor brine concentrator plant; Perform routine oxy acetylene welding; Operate and monitor compressed gas systems; Operate and monitor a boiler unit; Operate and monitor a steam turbine; Operate and monitor water quality monitoring systems; Undertake local systems operations; Operate and monitor fuel firing plant (gas or oil); Operate and monitor hydro plant auxiliary systems; Operate and monitor heat exchangers and cooling systems; Operate and monitor a hydro turbine; Monitor the implementation of under frequency load shedding; Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace; Conduct tracked dozer operations; Undertake dam safety surveillance; Operate and monitor condenser and auxiliary cooling systems; Operate and monitor HRSG hot gas control system; Perform process plant inspections; Operate and monitor a wind generator; Operate bulk coal handling plant; Conduct minor electrical maintenance; Operate and monitor boiler steam/water cycle; Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components; Use explosive power tools; Provide workplace information and resourcing plans; Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding intermediate level; Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations; Conduct single energy source isolation procedures for permit to work; Operate and monitor fuel supply; Licence to operate a materials hoist; Conduct operational checks on in-service mechanical plant; Licence to perform dogging; Operate and monitor auxiliary steam systems; Ensure compliance with Work, Health and Safety policy and procedures; Operate and monitor oil systems; Operate and monitor reverse osmosis plant; Licence to perform rigging advanced level; Operate fabric filter dust collection plant; Support continuous improvement systems and processes; Operate local L.V. switchgear; Operate and monitor boiler draught system; Monitor and implement dam maintenance; Apply quality systems to work; Route floods through storages; Respond to a critical incident; Operate and monitor air conditioning plant and ventilation systems; Clean plant and equipment; Operate and monitor communications system; Licence to perform rigging intermediate level; Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry; Organise personal work priorities and development; Manage, operate and monitor a gas turbine unit; Conduct wheeled dozer operations; Operate and monitor water treatment plant; Operate and monitor fuel firing plant (coal); Contribute to effective workplace relationships; Licence to perform rigging basic level; Licence to operate a forklift truck; Conduct backhoe/loader operations; Licence to operate a personnel and materials hoist; Operate hydroelectric generating plant and auxiliary equipment; Monitor and maintain wind farm civil assets; Implement dam safety surveillance procedures; Conduct non-routine operational testing; Operate local H.V. switchgear; Operate H.V. condition changing apparatus; Operate a hydro generator synchronous condenser pump unit; Maintain and utilise records; Support a workplace learning environment; Operate and monitor compressed air systems; Apply environmental and sustainable energy procedures; Carry out operational checks on in-service electrical plant; Conduct wheel loader operations; Operate and monitor water systems (condensate and feedwater); Operate and monitor dual fuel firing plant; Monitor and control dam operations; Liaise with stakeholders; Perform routine manual metal arc welding; Operate and monitor supervisory, control and data acquisition systems; Monitor climatic conditions for renewable energy production; Monitor and maintain civil assets

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HOBART - 4-12 Elizabeth St
Established in 2013, Entura clean energy and water institute is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code: 40680) which provides accredited training and related courses to students in Australia. Entura clean energy and water institute offers 4 courses across 5 study fields. Entura clean energy and water institute courses are offered in 1 location. You can view their campus locations by clicking on the campus tab. If you would like to learn more about Entura clean energy and water institute you can use the contact form listed on our page or you can visit the Entura clean energy and water institute website directly at http://www.entura.com.au/training/.

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