Certificate III in ESI Generation - Operations - UEP30218

Entura clean energy and water institute

Type of institution: Registered Training Organisation
Level: Pre-degree


  • Promote innovation in a team environment
  • Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding advanced level
  • Operate manual systems
  • Maintain quality systems within the team
  • Support operational plan
  • Perform manual heating and thermal cutting
  • Conduct water conveyance and control
  • Operate and monitor generator/alternator
  • Conduct minor mechanical maintenance
  • Facilitate the use of contingency plans for power generation facilities
  • Contribute to team effectiveness
  • Operate and monitor alkalinity reduction plant
  • Facilitate workplace communication
  • Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding basic level
  • Analyse single protection device operation
  • Conduct telescopic materials handler operations
  • Operate and monitor gas production plant
  • Operate and monitor fixed fire protection systems
  • Perform plant lubrication
  • Operate and monitor brine concentrator plant
  • Perform routine oxy acetylene welding
  • Operate and monitor compressed gas systems
  • Operate and monitor a boiler unit
  • Operate and monitor a steam turbine
  • Operate and monitor water quality monitoring systems
  • Undertake local systems operations
  • Operate and monitor fuel firing plant (gas or oil)
  • Operate and monitor hydro plant auxiliary systems
  • Operate and monitor heat exchangers and cooling systems
  • Operate and monitor a hydro turbine
  • Monitor the implementation of under frequency load shedding
  • Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  • Conduct tracked dozer operations
  • Undertake dam safety surveillance
  • Operate and monitor condenser and auxiliary cooling systems
  • Operate and monitor HRSG hot gas control system
  • Perform process plant inspections
  • Operate and monitor a wind generator
  • Operate bulk coal handling plant
  • Conduct minor electrical maintenance
  • Operate and monitor boiler steam/water cycle
  • Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components
  • Use explosive power tools
  • Provide workplace information and resourcing plans
  • Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding intermediate level
  • Conduct civil construction skid steer loader operations
  • Conduct single energy source isolation procedures for permit to work
  • Operate and monitor fuel supply
  • Licence to operate a materials hoist
  • Conduct operational checks on in-service mechanical plant
  • Licence to perform dogging
  • Operate and monitor auxiliary steam systems
  • Ensure compliance with Work, Health and Safety policy and procedures
  • Operate and monitor oil systems
  • Operate and monitor reverse osmosis plant
  • Licence to perform rigging advanced level
  • Operate fabric filter dust collection plant
  • Support continuous improvement systems and processes
  • Operate local L.V. switchgear
  • Operate and monitor boiler draught system
  • Monitor and implement dam maintenance
  • Apply quality systems to work
  • Route floods through storages
  • Respond to a critical incident
  • Operate and monitor air conditioning plant and ventilation systems
  • Clean plant and equipment
  • Operate and monitor communications system
  • Licence to perform rigging intermediate level
  • Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
  • Organise personal work priorities and development
  • Manage, operate and monitor a gas turbine unit
  • Conduct wheeled dozer operations
  • Operate and monitor water treatment plant
  • Operate and monitor fuel firing plant (coal)
  • Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  • Licence to perform rigging basic level
  • Licence to operate a forklift truck
  • Conduct backhoe/loader operations
  • Licence to operate a personnel and materials hoist
  • Operate hydroelectric generating plant and auxiliary equipment
  • Monitor and maintain wind farm civil assets
  • Implement dam safety surveillance procedures
  • Conduct non-routine operational testing
  • Operate local H.V. switchgear
  • Operate H.V. condition changing apparatus
  • Operate a hydro generator synchronous condenser pump unit
  • Maintain and utilise records
  • Support a workplace learning environment
  • Operate and monitor compressed air systems
  • Apply environmental and sustainable energy procedures
  • Carry out operational checks on in-service electrical plant
  • Conduct wheel loader operations
  • Operate and monitor water systems (condensate and feedwater)
  • Operate and monitor dual fuel firing plant
  • Monitor and control dam operations
  • Liaise with stakeholders
  • Perform routine manual metal arc welding
  • Operate and monitor supervisory, control and data acquisition systems
  • Monitor climatic conditions for renewable energy production
  • Monitor and maintain civil assets

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