Gestalt Therapy Brisbane Pty Ltd

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane (GTB) offers training in communication, counselling and psychotherapy. It provides students with an opportunity to grow in awareness and mindfulness for all work in the social science field. GTB employs an experiential learning model in a trusting and respectful environment. Participants develop a high level of personal awareness, practice skills and a sound grounding in theoretical principles. GTB promotes the growth and development of individuals, groups and the community. Their aim is to enable students to develop their unique therapeutic style and make use of their creative abilities as human beings. Gestalt Therapy Brisbane's (GTB) courses are delivered in Brisbane.

Entry requirements for Gestalt Therapy Brisbane Pty Ltd

Students who wish to gain entry to be eligible to receive the academic awards of the Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy and the Master of Gestalt Therapy, need to have undergraduate qualifications (Bachelor level) or post graduate qualifications in fields such as social work, psychology, counselling, or other allied fields. Other TAFE qualifications together with relevant employment experience may be considered. The Institute will consider people for admission into the course without an approved 3 or 4 year bachelor degree if they have an advanced diploma, diploma or higher-level vocational certificate in a relevant area of study, together with extensive relevant work experience. Applicants must also demonstrate through a presentation of past assessment work and/or referee inclusion the potential to undertake work at Master level. People will be assessed individually by the Director on these criteria.

Transfering your previous study credits

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane, in accordance with professional association requirements, will give recognition for prior learning and grant credit for previous study where students transfer from an approved approved training program or the shown equivalent. The Master of Gestalt Therapy provides graduates with skills in this specific therapeutic model. GTB does not grant credit for study undertaken that is not Gestalt therapy specific or where Gestalt therapy is not the primary emphasis. GTB's credit transfer policy can be found within its Policy Document No 4B: Recognition of Prior Learning and the Granting of Credit. This policy is available on request from interested students and on the website.

External study opportunities

External studies are not available.

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