Jansen Newman Institute

THINK Education Group is more than 180 years old, and is a group of colleges that provide industry-driven education and training to thousands of students all over Australia in over 60 specialist courses — from vocational certificates and diplomas to bachelor and masters degrees. At the core of all of our colleges is a shared commitment to teaching and learning excellence and industry engagement, equipping our students with the knowledge, skills and attitude to excel in their chosen careers.

Name: Stephen Blood

Course: Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences

I had a long career in banking, it was a very well-paid job but I had a desire to work more directly with people. At the start of this year I left work and commenced full-time study at JNI. The thing that really drew me here in particular was the fact that JNI has a clinic, and having some online subjects provides me with a lot of flexibility — it fits around my own schedule and my life. JNI provides a learning environment where we have access to really fantastic lecturers, great experiences out in the working environment through placements and a fantastic group of fellow students. We learn together and I’ve really learnt a lot, not just from the content and the lecturers, but from the student body as well. I’ve built up some wonderful relationships that I think are going to be there for a long time.

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