• Charles


    Charles Karanja was working in a role where he wasn’t reaching his full potential. He knew that he was never too old to start something new, so enquired with the Learning People about the Cyber Security course.

    He spoke with Career Consultant Kerri, whose role is to give advice and guidance to people about their careers.

    “It’s what we thrive on, speaking to people from all different backgrounds who are looking for that next role or change”. She helped develop a learning plan around what Charles already knew and where he wanted to go, and mapped out the steps he needed to take to get there.

    Kerri helped Charles prepare for his job interview, supported him through his exams and was genuinely interested in how he was getting on.

    “You just knew that Learning People were interested in my success because ultimately, it was our success”.

    Charles then landed his dream role at industry giants Telefonica.

  • Mo


    Mo completed the Prince2 Foundation and Agile Practitioner courses with the Learning People to add some skills to his CV and help him do better at his job.

    He liked the interface that the Learning People used, CV Detox and being able to access live tutors or mentors.

    “What I really trusted was the quality of the advice from the Career Consultants”.

    Since doing the course, Mo has received pay rises to the value of $20,000 AUD in the past two years, and attributes this to his increased level of certification.

    “Your future self will definitely thank you for it”.

    This course has advanced Mo’s career.

    “Not only has it helped with how people see me at work, but it’s also helped me with my work, in terms of making projects work better within the organisation. This is due to everything I learned with the Learning People”.

  • Pram


    Pram had worked in retail for 20 years and was ready for a change. He wanted something flexible that suited his learning style - hands on and practical.

    “The Learning People ticked all of those boxes”.

    After speaking with a Career Consultant, he was matched to the right course and given ample information on what it involved. This helped to set his expectations on how he would fit the course into his lifestyle, which involved balancing full-time work and spending time with his family.

    Pram was astonished by the Trustpilot reviews of people who were already enrolled in the course, and found it easy to manage his time once the routine of studying was set in place.

    “The key is to find what’s best for you. There is so much help out there with the Learning People, all the resources and connecting with peers who are at different stages really helps to ensure your studies will be a success”.

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