Marcus Oldham

At Marcus Oldham, we believe that when it comes to your future, it's important to invest in a career not just a course. Our courses in Agriculture, Agribusiness and Equine Management provide students with first-hand industry knowledge, business management skills, global opportunities and market leading entrepreneurship.

Name: Damon Humphris, Jamestown SA

Course: Associate Degree of Farm Business Management

In life you should never stop learning and tertiary education is the best way to accelerate this, not only at the time, but it sets you up for greater learning in the future.  I chose Marcus Oldham because it is a most of business, marketing, production, science and engineering. The high contact hours work particularly well for me as it keeps me engaged in subjects and allows me to soak up the information that the lecturers are giving.  The small class sizes allow us to engage with lecturers and build good relationships. I enjoy the applied style of learning as everything we learn can be related to running a farm / business.

The industry placement year allows us to gain practical knowledge and skills and we can relate the lecture room teaching back to real farm business.  Frequent tours to farms and industry businesses provides an insight into how they are run and gives unique perspectives into Australia’s agriculture. Ultimately, Marcus is one of the best places to study prior to running a farm business.

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