• Luke Billings
    Luke Billings

    Luke Billings

    Luke Billings is studying a Bachelor of the Built Environment. Luke is already a registered builder and manages a construction crew but realised there was no one in the family business who had architectural skills. He says the benefits of returning to study have paid off already.

    “Since year one,I was bringing back skills into the business and making our life a lot easier, it’s very beneficial.” He even sees the benefits of working on projects not at all related to his business.

    “Things that you wouldn’t be exposed to if you weren’t forced to do those sorts of projects, they open your eyes up.” For example, his final year class is currently working on an apartment complex in South Yarra and that’s something he would like to do in a few years’ time.

  • Lotus Keiron

    Lotus Keiron

    Friends and familyhad been telling Lotus Kairon that she would make a fantastic counsellor. After finishinghigh school, Lotusthought she’d give it a go. It was a great decision, now a first-year student working towards her Diploma in Community Services at Melbourne Polytechnic.

    Never boring, Lotus says that there is always work to do through her course but it's definitely manageable. “The study load is fairly reasonable, it’s not too much but there’s always something to do every day you go into class,we have a different topic but it goes for the whole day, so we learn a lot about it. It’s actually easier to retain the information that way. If you talk about one subject in one day, honestly that’s much easier for me because I have the whole day to remember everything.”

    Lotus Keiron
  • Luke Saville
    Luke Saville

    Luke Saville

    They’re kind of like family ties, the connections landscape construction apprentice Luke Saville, his boss and Melbourne Polytechnic teachers all have.

    Luke, who is studying Certificate III in Landscape Construction says, “my boss was a student at Melbourne Polytechnic, my current teacher has taught my boss, the three other apprentices in his business.” The 22-year-old says he took the landscaping path after he finished studying marketing and financial planning at university but eventually decided the indoor life wasn’t for him.

    Luke speaks highly of his Melbourne Polytechnic teachers and not just the one who’s taught everyone. “The teachers are great, we get along with every single teacher,” he says. “They speak to you as a peer which is really great, and it makes a big difference in your learning as well, you respect someone a lot more if they show that respect.”

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