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Name: Oliver Moraes

Course: Bachelor of Science (Geology major) and Arts

Before he started university, Oliver Maraes knew exactly what he wanted to do. Then he changed his mind completely.

“I started doing science because I wanted to do physiotherapy,” he explained. “But studying geology has totally changed me. Since starting my degree I’ve discovered my interest in natural disasters and it has really driven my direction.”

Oliver firmed up his new career aspirations in 2012 during a student exchange to Monash South Africa. “I always wanted to go to Africa and Monash made it so easy. The study abroad opportunities were a big part of the reason I decided to come to Monash,” said Oliver. But along with geology, he discovered the power of philanthropy.

“I got involved with a project aimed at sourcing books for children at a local primary school in Zandspruit, Johannesburg. Another Monash student and I organised a range of fundraising activities,” he said. “When the library opened it was just so amazing to see all those kids at their school with resources that none of them have ever had.”

The experience led him to further philanthropic activities, including Making Change , a volunteer-based community organisation for young people interested in tackling social issues.

Philanthropy hasn’t taken over completely, however. Oliver is still deeply engaged in science. “My dream in the future is to work in disaster management and find a way to combine my love of science with my passion for helping people.”

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