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Name: Tanzina Kazi

Course: Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine (Honours)

After two years studying medicine at Monash University’s Clayton campus, Tanzina Kazi has returned to her home town of Mildura for her first year of clinical training at Monash Rural Health Mildura, as part of the university’s Extended Rural Cohort (ERC) stream.


“We’re a very tight-knit group, which is a big positive,” Tanzina says. “We do a lot together.” The group explores local markets, picnic spots, Orange World and local restaurants. “We have a really good food culture in Mildura, so we do a lot of eating.”


By the time she was applying for a place in a medical course, Tanzina was well aware of the ERC stream as part of Monash’s medicine degree.


“Monash does a really good job in Mildura – they invite Year 11 and 12 students for workshops and an information night, and all the students I talked to before starting my medicine degree were ERC students. They all just raved about how good ERC is and how much they get to do compared to their city friends. I thought, well, if I get to do a lot and I get to be back home for a year, then why not? So, it was my first preference.”


Tanzina agrees studying medicine in Mildura is a great experience, and comments on how well the staff look after the students. “We have a really good connection with them; it’s a great community feeling here.”

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