Resource Centre for Personal Development

Established in 1987, Resource Centre for Personal Development is a Registered Training Organisation and a counselling centre. The provider aims to specialise in person-centred educational counselling. Courses are taught at the counselling centre. After studying for one year students may begin facilitating their own (community level) home groups that implement the Centre's introductory course 'Internalize principles of successful relationships & use emotional intelligence & communication skills', whilst continuing their studies. All training is experiential and therapeutic, with 6 - 10 students per class, enabling personal involvement and attention. Relationship education, therapeutic group work on a variety of topics, as well as parenting and counselling are also offered to the community and couples at affordable prices.

Entry requirements for Resource Centre for Personal Development

There are no entry requirements. Applicants who have not completed Year 12 need to have literacy skills at Year 12 standard by the time the Advanced Diploma is completed.

Transfering your previous study credits

The student's current skills and defined competencies will be compared and measured against RCPD unit competencies. The provider may negotiate a personalised study program for those with higher qualifications outside the Humanities.

External study oppurtunities

Available in some units with one-to-one tutoring and some contact sessions.
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