Type of institution: Registered Training Organisation
Level: Pre-degree

This qualification provides occupation outcomes for individuals to work in a leadership capacity for organisations, groups or enterprises. They require a whole system approach to planning, designing, managing and implementing integrated permaculture projects and programs, permaculture community programs, and the operation of permaculture enterprises.The qualification is suited to learners who wish to work within organisations and enterprises where skills in strategic planning and project management, natural system and land use planning, and specialist permaculture design are required. Work is likely to involve working with teams of people at the strategic level as well as working with people of diverse backgrounds and abilities.No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


  • Manage a permaculture project or enterprise
  • Manage organic livestock production
  • Develop a relocalisation or transition project
  • Evaluate suitability of species as solutions for permaculture applications
  • Provide specialist advice to clients
  • Prepare a sustainable community and bioregional development strategy
  • Evaluate project submissions
  • Provide advice on permaculture principles and practices
  • Plan community governance and decision-making processes
  • Plan and supervise the implementation of permaculture project works
  • Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
  • Facilitate participatory planning and learning activities
  • Work within organisation and government structures to enable community development outcomes
  • Develop a strategic plan for a permaculture project or enterprise
  • Design an integrated permaculture system
  • Market products and services
  • Manage organic soil improvement
  • Research and interpret requirements for a permaculture project
  • Manage a permaculture aid and development project
  • Manage the incorporation of a group
  • Operate within Community cultures and goals
  • Design permaculture structures and features
  • Recruit, induct and support volunteers
  • Carry out permaculture field research
  • Negotiate and monitor contracts
  • Prepare the enterprise for organic certification
  • Develop and review a business plan
  • Manage natural areas on a rural property
  • Plan erosion and sediment control measures
  • Develop climate risk management strategies
  • Develop an organic management plan

Standard entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification.

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