Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd

Established in 1990, Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code: 2292) which provides accredited training and related courses to students in Australia. Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd offers 0 course across 0 study field. Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd courses are offered in 0 location. You can view their campus locations by clicking on the campus tab. If you would like to learn more about Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd you can use the contact form listed on our page or you can visit the Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd website directly at http://www.tacticaltraining.edu.au.
Established in 1990, Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd is a Registered Training Organisation. Tactical Training delivers across the Security, Fire Warden, First Aid, Security Screening (airport, mailroom, general security), Conflict, Aggressive Clients, Risk Management, and Investigations specialising in customised training solutions for organisations and provision of professional consultation services in emergency management, public safety and risk management. It focuses on employment skills and delivers full-time and part-time certificate courses in all aspects of the security industry. The provider was the recipient of the 2006 and 2008 National ASIAL Award winner for training excellence and finalist in Australia's Inaugural Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPA's) 2015 and 2016.

Entry requirements for Tactical Training (Australia) Pty Ltd

Participants are required to comply with the entry conditions of the course undertaken. Entry conditions include the ability to speak, read and write English - pre-course assessments may apply. Some courses are attached to industry licensing requirements - it is the responsibility of individuals to ensure they meet the these requirements.

Tactical Training makes every effort to give students a positive learning experience that leaves them with relevant industry skills and knowledge. Training includes the need to demonstrate competency in a number of knowledge and performance based activities. To help Tactical Training, students should inform them of any special needs that may affect their learning experience. Special needs may include: medical conditions, physical or other disabilities, learning difficulties, language barriers, cultural or personal matters. Reasonable adjustments may be made to support persons with particular needs that will not affect the integrity of the knowledge or skills requirements.

Transfering your previous study credits

The provider recognises certificates issued from all other Registered Training Organisations. Tactical Training provides for recognition of prior learning and current competence from other courses, experience and life skills.

External study opportunities

Tactical Training offers internal and external study methods.

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