Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work - AHC32516


Type of institution: TAFE Institute
Level: Pre-degree
CRICOS: 00591E

This qualification is part of the Agriculture, Horticulture and Conservation and Land Management Training Package. It enables individuals to undertake work associated with inspecting, documenting and maintaining Aboriginal cultural and heritage sites. The qualification enables individuals to operate under recognised, appropriate cultural supervision to undertake work associated with inspecting, documenting and maintaining Aboriginal cultural and heritage sites.


  • 15 units: 9 core
  • 6 elective


  • Work with Aboriginal ceremonial secret sacred materials
  • Survey pests
  • Relate Aboriginal culture to sites work
  • Interpret Aboriginal cultural landscape
  • Follow Aboriginal cultural protocols
  • Support the documentation of Aboriginal cultural landscapes
  • Control plant pests, diseases and disorders
  • Implement revegetation works
  • Erect timber structures and features
  • Use technology in Aboriginal sites work
  • Carry out inspection of designated area
  • Operate chemical application machinery and equipment
  • Work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural material
  • Move and store Aboriginal cultural material
  • Plan for successful cultural practice at work
  • Move and store collection material
  • Respond to rescue incidents
  • Develop interpretive activities
  • Address protocol requirements
  • Provide appropriate information on cultural knowledge
  • Contribute to the preservation of cultural material
  • Prepare and apply chemicals
  • Transport and store chemicals
  • Carry out natural area restoration works
  • Work with an Aboriginal Community or organisation
  • Operate specialised machinery and equipment
  • Implement Aboriginal cultural burning practices
  • Implement pest management strategies
  • Implement a plant nutrition program
  • Respond to emergencies
  • Research and evaluate Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander cultural material
  • Coordinate work site activities
  • Extract seed
  • Identify and record Aboriginal sites, objects and cultural landscapes
  • Record information about Country
  • Maintain cultural places
  • Respond to wildfire
  • Implement property improvement, construction and repair
  • Suppress wildfire
  • Maintain an Aboriginal cultural site
  • Identify traditional customs and land rights for an Indigenous Community
  • Respond to wildlife emergencies
  • Survey and report on Aboriginal cultural sites
  • Contribute to work health and safety processes
  • Control weeds
  • Manage the development of collections
  • Apply knowledge of relevant legislation to Aboriginal sites work
  • Provide information on plants and their culture
  • Prepare specialised interpretive content on cultural and heritage environments
  • Conduct photography for fieldwork
  • Collect native seed
  • Read and interpret maps
  • Apply animal trapping techniques
  • Develop and monitor procedures for the movement and storage of collection material
  • Work as a guide
  • Operate a four wheel drive on unsealed roads
  • Research and share general information on Australian Indigenous cultures
  • Perform diving for scientific purposes
  • Design and produce business documents
  • Construct access tracks
  • Undertake animal or reptile control duties
  • Undertake sampling and testing of water
  • Identify Indigenous culturally significant plants
  • Supervise park visitor activities
  • Interpret aspects of local Australian Indigenous culture
  • Identify plant specimens
  • Maintain natural areas
  • Apply cultural significance to Aboriginal sites and landscapes
  • Protect places of Aboriginal cultural significance
  • Record and document Community history
  • Prepare specialised interpretive content on flora, fauna and landscape

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