Certificate III in Meat Processing (Smallgoods - Manufacture) - AMP31016


Type of institution: TAFE Institute
Level: Pre-degree
CRICOS: 00591E

This qualification is part of the Australian Meat Processing Training Package. It covers work activities undertaken by smallgoods producers working in a small to medium-sized traditional smallgoods enterprise which produces a range of smallgoods products.


  • 26 units: 5 core
  • 21 elective


  • Use numerical applications in the workplace
  • Operate forklift in a specific workplace
  • Record and present data
  • Perform basic tests
  • Store carcase product
  • Prepare primal cuts
  • Prepare dried meat
  • Comply with Quality Assurance and HACCP requirements
  • Trim meat to specifications
  • Thaw product - air
  • Rotate meat product
  • Clean work area during operations
  • Break carcase into primal cuts
  • Slice product using simple machinery
  • Apply hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Pack smallgoods product
  • Communicate in the workplace
  • Fill casings
  • Rotate stored meat
  • Move materials mechanically using automated equipment
  • Prepare dry ingredients
  • Manually link and tie product
  • Store carton product
  • Work with temperature controlled stock
  • Operate mixer or blender unit
  • Use standard product descriptions - beef
  • Operate bar and coder systems
  • Batch meat
  • Package product using thermoform process
  • Despatch meat product
  • Package product using gas flushing process
  • Vacuum pack product
  • Sort meat
  • Inspect carton meat
  • Maintain production records
  • Package product using automatic packing and labelling equipment
  • Blend meat product
  • Provide work skill instruction
  • Follow safe work policies and procedures
  • Prepare product formulations
  • Operate scales and semi-automatic labelling machinery
  • Clean chillers
  • Prepare and slice meat cuts
  • Ferment and mature product
  • Prepare meat-based pates and terrines for commercial sale
  • Inspect hindquarter and remove contamination
  • Thaw product - water
  • Operate metal detection unit
  • Work in a freezer storage area
  • Cure and corn product
  • Provide first aid
  • Assess product in chillers
  • Use standard product descriptions - pork
  • Manually shape and form product
  • Smoke product
  • Measure and calculate routine workplace data
  • Package meat and smallgoods product for retail sale
  • Sharpen knives
  • Overview the meat industry
  • Handle materials and products
  • Identify and repair equipment faults
  • Inspect forequarter and remove contamination
  • Clean after operations - boning room
  • Clean food-handling areas
  • Perform standard calibrations
  • Handle and transport samples or equipment
  • Cook, steam and cool product
  • Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan
  • Select, identify and prepare casings

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