Certificate III in Wine Industry Operations - FBP30918


Type of institution: TAFE Institute
Level: Pre-degree
CRICOS: 03041M


  • Operate the bottle supply process
  • Operate traditional sparkling wine processes
  • Organise receival operations
  • Perform calibration checks on equipment and assist with its maintenance
  • Conduct weighbridge operations
  • Operate the palletising process
  • Implement the food safety program and procedures
  • Lead team effectiveness
  • Operate the bottle sealing process
  • Coordinate vineyard operations
  • Manage a small team
  • Operate the pressing process
  • Control and order stock
  • Perform packaging equipment changeover
  • Perform second distillation (pot still brandy) operations
  • Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances
  • Operate the labelling process
  • Enter and work in confined spaces
  • Prepare culture media
  • Manage promotional activities
  • Perform standard calibrations
  • Operate spreading and seeding equipment
  • Plan and deliver a wine tasting event
  • Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases
  • Provide advice on imported wines
  • Implement the pest prevention program
  • Communicate wine industry information
  • Operate irrigation technology
  • Apply critical control point requirements
  • Apply principles of food packaging
  • Operate tractors
  • Coordinate winery hospitality activities
  • Sustain process improvements
  • Operate the continuous clarification by separation (flotation) process
  • Transport and store chemicals
  • Install pressurised irrigation systems
  • Recognise disorders and identify pests and diseases
  • Operate the ion exchange process
  • Operate the reverse osmosis process
  • Operate the decanter process
  • Implement a plant nutrition program
  • Operate the softpack filling process
  • Monitor the implementation of quality and food safety programs
  • Install and maintain vine trellis
  • Identify and treat nursery plant disorders
  • Provide and present wine tourism information
  • Participate in improvement processes
  • Clean equipment in place
  • Use SCADA systems in operations
  • Maintain field nursery
  • Conduct sensory evaluation of wine
  • Operate the concentration process
  • Use inventory systems to organise stock control
  • Perform fermentation operations
  • Participate in an audit process
  • Create a customer-centric culture
  • Operate the crossflow filtration process
  • Perform basic tests
  • Monitor process capability
  • Prepare and make additions and finings
  • Perform rectification (continuous still) operations
  • Conduct a standard product tasting
  • Field graft vines
  • Carry out transfer operations
  • Implement a soil management program
  • Perform oak handling activities
  • Provide work skill instruction
  • Operate interrelated processes in a packaging system
  • Monitor and control vine disorders and damage
  • Prepare working solutions
  • Apply quick changeover procedures
  • Perform first distillation (pot still brandy) operations
  • Organise despatch operations
  • Monitor and maintain nursery plants
  • Report on workplace performance
  • Use infotechnology devices in the workplace
  • Perform single column lees stripping (continuous still brandy) operations
  • Implement an irrigation schedule
  • Operate the carton erection process
  • Provide advice on Australian wines
  • Operate interrelated processes in a production system
  • Carry out basic canopy maintenance
  • Operate the rotary vacuum filtration process
  • Operate an earth filtration process
  • Apply environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Sample soils and interpret results
  • Apply 5S procedures
  • Conduct winery and site tours
  • Undertake root cause analysis
  • Licence to operate a forklift truck
  • Operate the fine filtration process
  • Operate and maintain chainsaws
  • Perform aseptic techniques
  • Organise the importing and exporting of goods
  • Provide first aid
  • Operate the bottle capsuling process
  • Operate clarification by separation (centrifugation) process
  • Perform shed nursery activities
  • Perform heat exchange operations
  • Operate the tirage and transfer process
  • Handle and store spirits
  • Provide responsible service of alcohol
  • Operate the carton packing process
  • Maintain pressurised irrigation systems
  • Set up a production or packaging line for operation
  • Prepare, standardise and use solutions
  • Operate a mechanical harvester
  • Maintain workplace safety
  • Perform basic packaging tests and inspections
  • Hand prune vines
  • Prepare and monitor wine cultures
  • Perform microscopic examination
  • Use product knowledge to complete work operations
  • Evaluate wines (advanced)
  • Operate the electronic coding process
  • Perform de-aromatising, de-alcoholising or de-sulphuring operations
  • Operate the bottle filling process
  • Operate specialised canopy management equipment
  • Operate vineyard equipment
  • Contribute to assessment
  • Carry out inert gas handling operations
  • Process and interpret data
  • Clean and sanitise equipment
  • Operate irrigation injection equipment
  • Use laboratory application software
  • Perform dual column distillation (continuous still brandy) operations

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