• Caitlin Bridges-Hunt
    Caitlin Bridges-Hunt

    Caitlin Bridges-Hunt

    Diploma of Nursing
    What was the best part of the hands-on side of your course?
    Age placement was fantastic, especially mental health. I know a lot of facilities give mental health placements in aged care, but we were able to have it in an actual mental health hospital. We had varied cases that we wouldn’t have otherwise experienced.

    What advice do you have for incoming students?
    Make sure you’re there for every lesson and really listen. If you're there to listen, you really learn, and it helps so much further down the road, especially with tests and assignments. Also, talk to your educators. Getting a real, close bond with them really helped me, because if I had an issue with any assignment I could comfortably message them and get advice.
  • Ann Mangkikis

    Ann Mangkikis

    Diploma of Nursing
    The highlight for me of the course was always the practical learning, when you go to the lab, and start applying what you have learned theoretically. I really enjoyed being able to practice things like attaching ECG, CPR, basic life support, and what to do in an emergency. In the lab, you get more hands-on with different clinical equipment.
    Ann Mangkikis
  • Rotana Chung
    Rotana Chung

    Rotana Chung

    Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Myotherapy)

    What did you most enjoy about your course?

    The lecturers. They really helped me to develop my skills, provided belief in my abilities and gave me the confidence to practise.

    What did you most enjoy about your practical experience?

    It prepared me for the outside world and gave me the confidence in my skills both inside and outside of a clinical setting

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