Certificate II in Food Processing (Sales) - FBP20317

Training and Quality Management Services Pty Ltd

Type of institution: Registered Training Organisation
Level: Pre-degree

This qualification describes the skills and knowledge for workers assisting with sales within a food manufacturing or retail food processing workplace that involves routine work with some basic problem solving in a supervised environment. All work must be carried out to comply with workplace procedures, in accordance with State/Territory food safety, work health and safety and environmental codes, regulations and legislation that apply to the workplace.No occupational licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


  • Operate a grain conditioning process
  • Use numerical applications in the workplace
  • Inspect and sort materials and product
  • Operate a washing and drying process
  • Recognise mill operations and technologies
  • Operate a liquid, mash or block stockfeed process
  • Operate a bulk dry goods transfer process
  • Perform basic tests
  • Apply hydro-cooling processes to fresh produce
  • Operate a grain cleaning process
  • Operate a water purification process
  • Operate a doughnut making process
  • Operate a cooling and slicing process
  • Operate a purification process
  • Operate egg grading and packing floor equipment
  • Operate injection blow moulding equipment
  • Load and unload goods/cargo
  • Operate a scratch and sizing process
  • Dispense non-bulk ingredients
  • Operate a panning process
  • Produce visual merchandise displays
  • Operate a spreads production process
  • Handle dangerous goods/hazardous substances
  • Operate a scalping and grading process
  • Operate an homogenising process
  • Balance and secure point-of-sale terminal
  • Carry out manual handling tasks
  • Participate in work teams and groups
  • Operate pumping equipment
  • Operate a separation process
  • Apply quality standards
  • Operate a membrane process
  • Operate a confectionery depositing process
  • Clean and sanitise equipment
  • Operate a deaeration, mixing and carbonation process
  • Regulate temperature controlled stock
  • Manufacture rye crisp breads
  • Provide and apply workplace information
  • Operate a holding and storage process
  • Manufacture wafer products
  • Operate a hydrogenation process
  • Harvest edible poultry offal
  • Manufacture extruded and toasted products
  • Sustain process improvements
  • Operate a poultry evisceration process
  • Operate a grinding process
  • Operate a forklift
  • Despatch stock
  • Operate a baking process
  • Pre-process raw materials
  • Operate the bird receival and hanging process
  • Work in a food handling area for non-food handlers
  • Operate a case packing process
  • Interpret product costs in terms of customer requirements
  • Operate a creamed honey manufacture process
  • Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
  • Operate a high speed wrapping process
  • Provide basic emergency life support
  • Operate a poultry marinade injecting process
  • Grade poultry carcase
  • Work with temperature controlled stock
  • Operate a process control interface
  • Operate a cheese pressing and moulding process
  • Operate a griddle production process
  • Operate a deodorising process
  • Operate a poultry stunning, killing and defeathering process
  • Operate a cooling, slicing and wrapping process
  • Operate a depositing process
  • Operate a form, fill and seal process
  • Operate a chocolate conching process
  • Operate a production process
  • Use SCADA systems in operations
  • Operate a heat treatment process
  • Operate a waste water treatment system
  • Apply Just in Time procedures
  • Work effectively in the food processing industry
  • Operate a winterisation process
  • Operate a retort process
  • Operate a blending, sieving and bagging process
  • Work in a socially diverse environment
  • Operate an ice manufacturing process
  • Operate an interesterification process
  • Work in a clean room environment
  • Apply grain protection measures
  • Operate a poultry dicing, stripping or mincing process
  • Contribute to the application of a proactive maintenance strategy
  • Monitor process capability
  • Operate a pastry production process
  • Apply principles of statistical process control
  • Implement the food safety program and procedures
  • Operate a fermentation process
  • Operate a drying process
  • Operate a break roll process
  • Apply sampling procedures
  • Operate a pastry forming and filling process
  • Vacuum pack product
  • Produce simple word processed documents
  • Operate a frying process
  • Operate a continuous freezing process
  • Operate a butter oil process
  • Operate a soap splitting process
  • Identify and respond to security risks
  • Prepare and serve espresso coffee
  • Operate a neutralisation process
  • Operate a chocolate refining process
  • Participate in OHS processes
  • Use infotechnology devices in the workplace
  • Operate a coating application process
  • Work on an egg grading floor
  • Operate a poultry washing and chilling process
  • Operate a cooling and hardening process
  • Operate a granulation and compression process
  • Examine raw ingredients used in confectionery
  • Operate a mixing or blending and cooking process
  • Operate a filtration process
  • Manage the impact of change on own work
  • Apply 5S procedures
  • Operate a mixing or blending process
  • Participate in sensory analyses
  • Load and unload tankers
  • Operate a reduction process
  • Operate blow moulding equipment
  • Fill and close product in cans
  • Operate a fractionation process
  • Operate a boiled confectionery process
  • Operate a starch moulding process
  • Freeze dough
  • Use planning software systems in operations
  • Apply work procedures to maintain integrity of product
  • Undertake root cause analysis
  • Operate a flake preparation process
  • Operate a pelleting process
  • Maintain food safety when loading, unloading and transporting food
  • Operate a boiler - basic
  • Operate a bulk liquid transfer process
  • Manufacture roast and ground coffee
  • Conduct routine maintenance
  • Operate a fill and seal process
  • Apply animal welfare and handling requirements
  • Operate an extrusion process
  • Operate an enrobing process
  • Operate a packaging process
  • Apply competitive systems and practices
  • Operate a complecting process
  • Implement grain monitoring measures
  • Operate a bleaching process
  • Apply quality systems and procedures
  • Operate a freezing process
  • Sharpen knives
  • Operate an automated cutting process
  • Handle bulk materials in storage area
  • Clean after operations - boning room
  • Use business technology
  • Work in a freezer storage area
  • Operate an evaporation process
  • Create and use spreadsheets
  • Use product knowledge to complete work operations
  • Operate a butter churning process
  • Operate a chocolate depositing or moulding process
  • Apply cost factors to work practices
  • Clean equipment in place
  • Complete and check import/export documentation
  • Operate a chocolate tempering process
  • Operate a forming or shaping process
  • Operate a curd production and cutting process
  • Handle grain in a storage area
  • Prepare grain storages
  • Advise on products and services
  • Operate a portion saw

Study information

CampusFeesEntryMid year intakeAttendance
Moonee Ponds Domestic: $5,198
International: $5,198

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