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Name: Ashleigh

Course: Bachelor of Science majoring in Environment and Sustainability

Growing up with strong links to my Aboriginal heritage, I wanted to study something I believed in, something that would help to preserve the environment for future generations. My Aboriginal culture places a great importance on the land. It emphasises that the land looks after us, so we need to look after the land. We need to put back in what we take out. That’s why I chose the Bachelor of Science majoring in Environment and Sustainability at USQ.

I never thought I was actually smart enough to study a degree. I thought I’d struggle and regret my decision. As it turns out, USQ has amazing Indigenous student support. With all the mentoring and tutoring, they’ve provided great reassurance and helped me believe that I can do anything I put my mind to. Now I’m preparing to graduate as an environmental scientist. 

Having that one-on-one interaction with my lecturers, you get that personal feel. You’re not treated like a number; you’re actually treated like an individual.  

They genuinely want you to achieve your best, and it’s great having that support.

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