• Brianna


    Diving into university head-first at age 22 was a big decision for Bri. She had always told teachers, parents and herself that she just wasn’t made for university.

    'I thought it was too late to go back and start a new career in a field I hadn’t experienced.'

    But after travelling across America for a month she realised she was working in a job that wasn’t advancing — it brought her money, but not fulfilment.

    'I asked myself ‘five years from now if I am still doing this same job, will I be happy?’ My answer was ‘are you crazy? NO’. I realised there was a whole world full of experiences made just for me and chose to pursue study.'

    With the help of USQ’s online Career Explorer, Bri made the decision to enrol in a Bachelor of Communication and Media with a major in public relations. It turned out to be the best decision, one that would launch her into a world of endless opportunities.

    'Engaging in study has driven me to work harder, be better and more fearless in the pursuit of my dreams. Three years ago, I would have never imagined I would be where I am today, but I have now finished the first three years of six as a part-time student.'

    'If you don’t start today, you can start tomorrow or the next day, but time will pass, and procrastinating will only keep you in one place. Start today!'
  • Rachel


    With the aviation industry facing a global shortage of pilots, aspiring pilot Rachel knew she wanted to find the best program to help her recognise her dream of flying for a commercial airline.

    'I approached my agent about aviation at USQ, who then gathered information directly from the university. It is a well-structured, three-year course where first-year students are able to use the Boeing 737 flight simulator.' USQ’s aviation program brings together the best of the aviation industry alongside the theory and knowledge to produce graduates ready for the variety of roles the aviation industry offers.

    'There have been guest lecturers, airport days, airforce excursions and opportunities for women in aviation. Being a USQ international student has also enabled me to become an Ambassador with Brisbane International, so I am meeting and connecting with a variety of people to build my networks come graduation.'

    Rachel has one year remaining and then has plans to pursue employment at an Australian airport or an airline.

  • Ian


    Ian Devenish spent 15 years as a tradesman with various employers, including the Royal Australian Navy. He was hesitant leaving full-time work, unsure if he would suit academic study. Ian had to go back to basics and found he thrived in this new environment.

    ‘I have come so far since starting study and I surprise myself every time I complete an assignment. I still manage to work 30 hours a week, while balancing study. I have also made many new friends at USQ which have made this experience easier.’

    ‘I chose paramedicine because I want to help the community and the work varies from day to day. When I finish my degree I am excited to pursue my goal to become a Paramedic in the UK.’
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