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Name: Stephanie

Course: Bachelor of Education (Primary) at University of Tasmania

If you are wanting to become a primary school teacher, the Bachelor of Education Primary degree is definitely the way to go. Over the four years I was provided with relevant and worthwhile experiences that set me up to succeed in practical placements and in my career.

I learned everything from behaviour management strategies, to pedagogical knowledge, to strategies that enable you to have a long and healthy career, and everything in between. Of course these are consolidated and strengthened in the classroom, but UTAS built the foundations for success in these areas. 

I enjoyed the practical experiences that UTAS provided us. During many tutorials we got to engage in and explore hands-on activities that are suitable to use in our teaching. I use lesson ideas in my classroom today that I took from my tutors and classes at University.

Since graduating from UTAS, I have been working at Windermere Primary School teaching a grade 3/4 class. I have 26 students in my class and I absolutely love it. Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely challenging days, but for the most part it is amazing and everything I hoped it would be. 

During my final semester of University, UTAS provided us with a professional learning opportunity in 21st Century Learning Design. I decided to take up this opportunity and undertake the program. During one of my interviews for a teaching job, I was able to talk about incorporating 21st century learning into the classroom which impressed the panel and I ended up being offered the job.

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