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Name: Emily McHale

Course: Bachelor of Science (Physiology)

"I love the flexibility of my degree, as well as the supportive and immersive learning environment. One of my main reasons for choosing to study at The University of Western Australia (UWA) was its flexible degree design. I love science, but I also really wanted to incorporate learning a language into my schedule – and I loved how much this was encouraged at UWA. I had a general idea of what I wanted to study as my major, but I really enjoyed the fact my first-year units allowed me to explore other areas.

My lecturers are passionate about their areas of study and expertise. All of my laboratories and tutorials have also been unique and fascinating experiences, and I’ve loved learning about different types of equipment and technology in a hands-on laboratory setting.

I also love the study and social environments of the University – there are so many options for libraries or cafés or even gardens on campus where you study with or catch up with friends. The University clubs have a really welcoming environment, and there’s always something going on to catch your interest, from foreign films to quiz nights, or even food stalls. UWA’s campus really caters to everyone’s needs."

Name: Zach Hendricks

Course: Master of Professional Accounting

I chose to study the Master of Professional Accounting because I wanted knowledge under my belt that would open up a vast array of job opportunities in the future. I was still uncertain as to what career I wanted to pursue so for me it was good to have a lot of options available.

Out of all the universities in Perth, UWA holds the most prestige. From the experiences I’ve had in my six years at university, it’s always UWA students that shine brightest in their respective careers and are more sought after by employers. The campus culture at UWA is also excellent, with a huge range of clubs and societies.

I thoroughly enjoy the group work in my course, especially the case studies. It gives us an insight into real-life situations we can expect in our futures. My favourite aspect of studying at UWA is the diverse range of people you encounter. In my course I’ve networked with people from different cultural and career backgrounds.


Name: Emma Guerini

Course: Master of Professional Engineering (Mining)

The Direct Pathway into Engineering was the perfect choice for me. It made the transition from my bachelor degree to the Master of Professional Engineering (MPE) seamless, while also giving me the flexibility to complete a second major in Geology.

My favourite part about studying Mining Engineering at UWA has been the opportunity to get involved in the industry early. For me, this started out with field trips to various mine sites, completing my practicum in a fly-in, fly-out role and becoming a member of the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) Student Chapter.

I have now been on the committee of the Student Chapter for two years, during which I’ve had the opportunity to meet industry professionals, attend conferences, compete in the Mining Games in Montana and Brisbane, and travel to Sweden as part of the AusIMM/Atlas Copco Scholarship.

Overall my experience as an MPE student has been both fun and valuable to my career as an incoming graduate engineer. The experienced lecturers, real-life design and research projects, industry exposure and opportunities to get involved in extracurricular activities really set UWA apart from other universities.


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