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Name: Emily McHale

Course: Bachelor of Science (Physiology)

"I love the flexibility of my degree, as well as the supportive and immersive learning environment. One of my main reasons for choosing to study at The University of Western Australia (UWA) was its flexible degree design. I love science, but I also really wanted to incorporate learning a language into my schedule – and I loved how much this was encouraged at UWA. I had a general idea of what I wanted to study as my major, but I really enjoyed the fact my first-year units allowed me to explore other areas.

My lecturers are passionate about their areas of study and expertise. All of my laboratories and tutorials have also been unique and fascinating experiences, and I’ve loved learning about different types of equipment and technology in a hands-on laboratory setting.

I also love the study and social environments of the University – there are so many options for libraries or cafés or even gardens on campus where you study with or catch up with friends. The University clubs have a really welcoming environment, and there’s always something going on to catch your interest, from foreign films to quiz nights, or even food stalls. UWA’s campus really caters to everyone’s needs."

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