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Five Reasons why: Flight Attendant

Five Reasons why: Flight Attendant

Flight attendants provides services for the safety and comfort of all aircraft passengers. It is their utmost priority to ensure all passengers are safe, conduct checks, direct passengers to their seats and explain emergency procedures. But what comes with these different tasks, are different perks to the role! Here are five reasons why you should become a flight attendant. 

Every day is different

No two days are the same for a flight attendant because each time the destination changes as do the passengers and cabin crew on the flight. If you’re someone who loves excitement and adventure, then being a flight attendant might be for you. 


In the airline industry, most crew members can bid for their desired destinations which means that they can create their own personal schedule. Flight attendants can work anywhere from 65 hours to 95 hours a month, based around different lifestyle choices and responsibilities.  

Travel the world 

Flight attendants have the luxury to see the world while getting paid. One day a you can be on the Empire State Building looking over the New York city skyline and the next day be strutting the streets of Tokyo – it really is a privilege.

You get staff discounts 

Many airline industries offer their employees plenty of perks – and getting cheaper flights are one of them. Being a flight attendant means you’ll be eligible for discounted travel fees, hotels and even car rentals. Sometimes, their employees are entitled to free accommodation and flights. 

Meet interesting people 

Flight attendants will get the opportunity to meet interesting people from across the globe. With long-haul flights, you’ll have plenty of time getting to know different co-workers and meet many interesting travellers during your job. 

If you’ve been thinking of becoming a flight attendant, consider seeking out VET courses or University courses that specialize in the aviation industry. This will differentiate yourself from other candidates and give you a higher advantage during the hiring process. 

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