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Five reasons why: Information Technology

Five reasons why: Information Technology

As a rapidly evolving industry, there’s plenty of job opportunities available in tech. The world is becoming increasingly digitised, leading to greater demand for workers with IT skills and knowledge in the workplace. From database administrators and support technicians to web developers and even systems analysts, there’s a wide range of occupations to pursue in the tech industry. Job Outlook data predicts that the Technical Services industry is set to boom over the next five years, with the demand for skilled software and applications programmers expected to soar in particular. Growth is also projected for many other IT occupations, including network professionals, support technicians and even IT managers. 

Range of qualifications available 

Many IT roles require a tertiary qualification, with a Bachelor degree regarded as the minimum. However, choosing not to attend university doesn’t mean that you are completely out of the race for a job in tech. Many vocational education providers offer certified courses in technical support, software application and network administration to help you start your IT career. These qualifications can also function as credit towards a university degree, potentially taking shaving time off any further study. 


When you work in IT, your role primarily revolves around problem solving. Some glitches may be more challenging to fix than others, but it makes it all the more satisfying when you crack a particularly tricky problem. Being able to help others is also a rewarding part of working in IT, whether you are a developer trying to fix a website fault or a support technician who assists people with technical issues. 

Good pay

With technology playing a big role in many industries, it is no surprise that IT professionals are in significant demand. This translates to enhanced earning potential, with tech workers often raking in high levels of weekly pay. Job Outlook figures suggest that full-time ICT support technicians generally earn around $1,200 per week, with earnings increasing to $2,105 for IT managers. 

Variety of career prospects

You’d be hard pressed to find a business that doesn’t rely on some sort of technology, meaning that IT professionals will be in a job as long as digital problems exist. While IT is an industry within itself, it doesn’t mean that tech workers can’t move to other fields during their career. One of the best things about working in information technology is that you can transfer your skills across pretty much every sector – think arts and entertainment, transport, financial services, education, medicine…the list goes on! Not only does this provide you with the opportunity to develop cross-industry skills, it also boosts your potential job prospects. 

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